January 17, 2022

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For your PS5, the Samsung 980 Pro SSD is currently cheaper

Does your PS5’s storage reach full capacity? Tired of deleting your games from your library? This good project will make you happy. Designed exclusively for Samsung’s 980 Pro SST Sony console, the 500GB version costs 108 euros less.

Samsung 980 PRO (MZ-V8P500BW)

Samsung 980 PRO (MZ-V8P500BW) // Source: Amazon

Since it was updated last September, its storage capacity can be increased PlayStation 5 console And finally taken Supports M.2 SSDs. Samsung, one of the largest SSD manufacturers, took advantage of this opportunity Release a special PS5 SSD. This is the 980 Pro model, the latter fully fulfilling the requirements requested by Sony, which offers higher read speeds and better storage capacity to boost your PS5. Thanks for making this SSD cheaper today Almost 15% discount.

This SSD is perfect for your PS5 because …

  • It offers speeds of up to 7,000 MB / s
  • This has the advantage of having a heat controller
  • And offers 500GB of storage

The Samsung 980 Pro (MZ-V8P500BW) M.2 500 GB SSD is currently on sale, replacing the strikethrough price of 124.94 euros. 108.29 euros on Amazon, Or almost 15% discount.

Slightly risky installation on PS5

When competing Microsoft chose the easiest proprietary expansion card to install on its Xbox Series X, Sony chose PC NVMe SSD as a standard solution, but a bit more complicated to install. Installing on a PC in general is very simple and quick, which is another story on the PS5. To do this, first make sure you update the console and equip yourself with a Philips screwdriver, be subtle and be patient. But fear not, if you want to install this on your next gen console, We recommend this article which covers all the steps to install SSD without any problem and it is accompanied by a video.

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An SSD specially designed for the Sony console

As mentioned earlier, it is important to maintain the performance of the console, which is why Sony does not accept any SSD in its system. So NVMe SSD is not enough, it has to meet certain criteria in terms of interface, speed and format. The Samsung 980 Pro is perfect because it offers higher theoretical performance than Sony’s requirements, with its PCIe 4.0 interface, which can read up to 7000MB / s and write up to 5100MB / s.

The Japanese company recommends a reading speed of at least 5500 MB / s because this is more than enough. Samsung claims that this time speed is almost 13 times higher compared to SATA SSDs. So it provides good stability for serious applications like gaming, video editing, content creation and demanding applications.

More storage and it’s not bad

Unfortunately the Japanese brand’s next gen console has only 667GB of internal storage … this may seem like a lot, but when some games are over 100GB, after installing 4 or 5 games on the console, the storage runs out quickly. . It is true that we are very comfortable with 1TB SSD storage, but this model has the advantage of bringing an additional 500 GB of storage to your console. So if you want to connect with a PC, you get almost double the space to enjoy more video games or applications and software. This SSD is very responsive and will reduce the loading time of your video games.

Which storage solution should you choose for your PS5?

If you still do not know which internal SSD or external hard drive is best suited for your console, we invite you to check out our guide. Choose any internal SSD and external hard drive for the PS5.

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