Backpacks have made a permanent place for themselves in the fashion community in the past few years, conquered hearts and trend-thrones alike. A great backpack can replace your boring school bag and be your best buddy when you are just wandering around quenching your thirst for wanderlust in a foreign land.

Like every fashionable item, the backpack has also had its fair share of makeovers. This year, particularly, we’ve seen an array of backpack styles. And we are in love! Here are some of the trendiest backpack styles that are in vogue these days:

Metallic backpacks

Backpacks are transforming into space-inspired holographic bags this season. Not like there are now backpacks that are made of iron or steel but just a metallic tone, or a faux leather bag with metallic details. The look is undeniably sleek and snazzy. A metal toned backpack is sure to make your outfit look more put-together this season.

Convertible backpacks

What is cooler than a backpack that can swiftly become a handbag or a bucket bag too? the convertible backpack has your back at all times. It’s especially lovely for those occasions when you have to drive from one gathering to another where a handbag would be a better option than a backpack.

Embellished backpacks

With every accessory going sparkly this season, no wonder sequined or bedazzled backpacks are also walking down this path. Parade an embellished backpack on days when the rest of your outfit is more on the minimal side. Be it star-studded backpacks or ones that feature faux pearls, backpacks are all set to make you shine!

Embroidered backpacks

Remember last year when embroidered denim jackets were birthed and the world was hypnotized by them? That was and still is a lovely trend and luckily backpacks have also followed in the footsteps. Embroidered backpacks, denim or faux leather, are in vogue these days. Perfect for the days when you think you need some extra pop in your style.

Pink backpacks

Red and blue might be governing the outfit trends but pink is reigning backpacks. Good thing, though, considering how girls adore this color since forever. Milk rose pink and baby pink, in particular, are more hit and bound to give you the stylishly wild yet cute princess look. Awesome, eh?

Denim backpacks

Luckily denim on denim is a thing once again so you can carry a denim bag without switching your jeans for some leggings. The denim bag is the epitome of chic and is not only stylish but sturdy with enough room for all your essentials.

Mini backpacks

Backpacks that look small but are mighty are another trend for this season. Where these aren’t very suitable for school as they don’t boast a lot of space, they are perfect for fashionistas. They are about the size of a crossbody bag but shaped like a backpack. Even the trendsetter herself, Kylie Jenner, has embraced the mini backpack for its cuteness and sass.

Velvet backpacks

For those who want to give off luxurious vibes causally, velvet backpacks are the answer. Coming in deep colors like maroon and royal blue and subtle hues as well like grey, these velvet backpacks are all things royal. Considering winters are almost here, we’d say this trend is going to spread with increasing momentum.

Vegan backpacks

The modern world doesn’t just care about fashion but about feelings too. This is why this year vegan bags are also in vogue. These environmentally friendly bags come in many different styles so you can easily find one that suits your preference and is chic too.