Migraines and headaches are best when avoided because their onset can disturb your agility and productivity significantly. Not so surprisingly, the food that you eat also has an impactful role to play in this case.

Research indicates that about 20% of the people with migraines point at some foods as triggers. On the other hand, more research goes on to conclude that between 7-44% of the folks with migraines hold some foods as triggers for their condition.

A recent survey says that 28% of its 4,356 respondents helped food cravings as a symptom of migraines. The survey also found out that 75% of the respondents helps chocolate responsible as a trigger food.

Moreover, 48% and 30% said the cheese, especially, old cheeses, and citrus fruits responsible for migraines, respectively. Lastly, 25% of the respondents also helps beer and red wine as culprits behind a migraine.

Mentioned below is a look at some of the chief food triggers of migraines:

1. Alcohol

Alcohol can cause migraines for numerous reasons. It increases the blood flow to the brain and dilates the blood vessels, which can culminate in side effects. At the same time, alcohol can lead to dehydration, which can also reach a finale of a headache.

Some experts, however, say that the metabolism of alcohol produces some by-products or impurities that cause a headache. Alcohol consumption can also disturb your sleep, chipping in stress the next day, which is a serious culprit that can culminate in migraines.

2. Caffeine

When taken in excess, caffeine can also cause migraines. One of the leading reasons behind this is that caffeine can cause sleeplessness that can, in turn, cause migraines. Some common items that include caffeine are coffee, chocolate, and tea.

3. Chocolates

In the survey mentioned above, a vast number of people blamed chocolate as a trigger food for migraines. Chocolates contain caffeine, which can come to a crescendo of migraines. On top of that, chocolates also contain beta-phenylethylamine that can further trigger migraines.

4. Aged cheese

Old cheese showcases a high content of tyramine. This compound is formed when the bacteria break down tyrosine, an amino acid. The compound is also present in yeast extract, processed meat products, wine, chocolate, and more. However, its content in aged cheese is very high.

Research notes the tyramine levels in the people with chronic migraines tend to be high in contrast with healthy individuals. On top of this, aged food also contains histamine which is another culprit that causes a migraine.

5. Foods containing MSG

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) is naturally present in the body. However, researchers commonly link it with migraines. As per the American Migraine Foundation, MSG can trigger severe migraines in about 10-15% of the people. Other food preservatives can also trigger migraines.

6. Spicy foods

Spicy foods can also lead to a headache. Of these, chili peppers are often blamed as culprits behind headaches. These react on some pain receptors in the brain known as TRP receptors. This action takes down the threshold for developing migraines. Therefore, chipping in the risk of headaches.

7. Processed meat

Processed meats contain nitrites. These are a collection of preservatives that include potassium nitrite and sodium nitrite. These can lead to migraines. What’s more is that processed meats contain histamine. This can trigger headaches among folks who suffer from histamine intolerance.

Bottom line

If you are prone to getting migraines, it is best to avoid these foods. Also, add to the avoid list other food items such as nuts, artificial sweeteners such aaspartame, fatty foods, pickled foods, and onions.