Wearing the wrong pair of shoes with the most stylish dress you have ever bought might ruin your entire look. It is necessary for the guys to make sure that they wear shoes that complement their entire look in the best possible way as girls mostly notice the mannerism displayed by the guys along with their mannerisms.


No matter how cool you behave with the girl you go out for the first time or how nice you
be with her, if you are wearing red sneakers with a black suit, you are probably not going to impress her.

It is essential for you to ensure that you choose the right shoes with the right attire and for that, your shoe rack needs to shrine with the best possible shoes. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay hell loads of money and buy a shoe with every outfit. Rather, there are just five kinds of shoes that you need to have in your wardrobe that will go along with every outfit. In order to make your life less complicated, this article tells you what are the five types of shoes you need to have:


1) Get an amazing pair of sneakers:

You obviously cannot spend your weekends wearing dress shoes that are made up of the most superior quality of leather nor can you go out at a party wearing the sleepers. Thus, you need to get your hands on a pair of shoes that would neither be too formal nor too casual. Sneakers turn out to be the best shoes to be worn when you are all set to spend your time during the weekend at a friend’s house.

Wear a nice tee with denim and complete the look with casual sneakers.

2) Get your hands on a formal pair of shoes:

Now obviously you can’t keep on wearing sneakers all day long as no matter how cool they look and how comfortable they are, you need to switch to a casual pair of shoes to go to the office. For this, go for a casual looking shoe having the sole made up of leather. You can wear them with a black dress as well as along with a pair of jeans having straight cuts.

3) Nothing beats black:

There is no doubt in the fact that black is a royal color and it makes you look royal. You can wear a black pair of shoes either at an office meeting or while attending a wedding. You can never go wrong with black!

Teaming a black suit with black loafers will surely make you turn heads in whatever event you
become a part of it.

4) Look sophisticated with brown:

Where black makes you look royal, brown brings out the sophistication in you. Every guy must have at least one brown pair of shoes in his wardrobe as teaming it up with the entire look of the day or the night is really easy.


5) Get ankled up:

Most of the guys do not have ankle shoes as they are not aware of the power of a good looking pair of ankle shoes. Wearing it in the winter season makes you look stylish as it brings in an edgy look to your entire look.