Every year has a range of trends to boast. These form the soul and spirit of the year and the entire planet, specifically the fitness frenzied, have to try them out. New year is just around the corner and new trends are already jumping the trending buggy. If you are one of those people who want to tune into a new fitness regime or just a someone looking for something fun as well as healthy, you have got to keep an eye open for the new fitness trends in 2018.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Although HIIT has been slaying the trends this current year, it has been predicted that the form of fitness is bound to stay in the coming year too. The HIIT is a fitness trend that is reliant on quick, short bursts of intensive activity followed by short recovery periods.

A major reason for the popularity of this exercise form is that the people are short on time, which is why prefer they to exercise effectively in short timeframes. Clint Hill, personal trainer, and fitness expert backed this up, “Some of the research shows that people have less time available to them, so they are looking for the best way to utilise their time… While it’s not the only method, it’s one the people are trying to fit into their daily life and trying to get some benefit from it.”

fitness trends 2018

Tech for Fitness

The Apple watch, Fitbit, Polar Heart Rate, and Garmin hold the honor of being the top-rated fitness trend this year. And since tech has only just revealed its benefits, it’s here to stay in the upcoming year too. Needless to say, wearable fitness devices allow you to monitor your performance and encourages an increased focus on fitness, as you observe the measurable changes. It makes sense, of course. A ‘B’ grade on your performance only pushes you further to achieve an ‘A’ and an ‘A’ grade only entices you to stay on the optimal performance level. That’s how the fitness tech works really, not a hard nut to crack.

Bouncing Off

We have all occasionally streamed through videos of workouts that use a trampoline. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to try it for keeping yourself toned in the coming year.

Such a form of exercise has minimal impact on your joints. At the same time, however, it gives your body a full workout. You also get to encourage improved cardiovascular endurance and a rise in flexibility and core strength.

Of course, bouncing off is one of the most giggling-affording workout form among the upcoming fitness trends in 2018. There are going to be more combination classes and additional laughter at the same time as burning calories.

Water Workouts

Water is surprisingly gentle with your joints and does not strain them but makes workouts all the more challenging with the resistance it offers to your movements. These features contribute to making the exercise all the more efficient. No wonder the coming year will offer a plethora of new and twisted water exercises.

Group Training

Bet this fitness trend 2018 is a self-explanatory term and does not need an elucidation. But let’s add a word or two here. Group training will allow you to workout with your friends so that you can accomplish your goal of togetherness in this fitness walk of life too. Not only does this trend help you partner up with friends and fitsters but it also motivates you to keep moving your muscles. So if you feel like you can easily cheat yourself into skipping an exercise or two, you really need to gear up for this trend.

So gear up guys and get ready, sweat and go into the coming year with the new fitness trends 2018. Yoga is also going to introduce some new forms so you have a variety to choose from for both your fitness and fun.