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Exercise boasts countless mental and physical health benefits. However, consistency is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle that revolves around good fitness. Awareness about maintaining good health is soaring. More and more people aim to improve their health by hitting the gym. Maintaining consistency and breaking through the bubble of laziness, however, require fitness hacks that can help keep good health on the rails. Here is a list of seventeen hacks that can prevent your fitness regime from going down in the tubes.

  1. Start your day with exercise

Wakeup to break some sweat. By choosing to work your muscles in the morning, you can reap the incredible benefits of morning exercise. It helps to fire your productivity engine and gifts you with a feeling of accomplishment. By working out in the morning, you are able to cross exercise from your daily to-do list. The current of daily routine activities is also unable to sweep your fitness plans away.

  1. Earn your shower

Another essential hack is to exercise right before you go for a shower. In this case, move your muscles to break a sweat such that taking a shower is the reward for all the hard work that you do for your health.

  1. Seek help from Netflix

Globally, 117.58 million individuals stream Netflix instead of heading to the gym. So, why not just seek some fitness help from the entertainment giant? Select a few exercises and do them as a word is said on the show or an act comes up frequently. If you are watching cable, you can use commercial breaks for flexing your muscles.

  1. Use some sticky notes

You can also hack your way through exercising by using sticky notes. Post these on places where your eyes frequently land. As soon as you catch a glimpse on the command written on the paper, follow it. This is trick from Gigi Hadid’s fitness toolkit. She elaborates, “I put a sticky note in my kitchen that says ‘squats.’ Every time I walked past the sticky note, I had to do 15 squats, and that was my way of doing it. It’s a good trick because that reminds you and you have to have integrity with yourself.”

  1. Schedule your workout

Another effective fitness hack is to schedule your workout. Planning and marking down goals on your calendar is a good trick to attain your objectives. Not only is this a hack good in the field of health and fitness but it is also equally efficient in other fields such as planning life goals.

  1. Try smaller workouts

The key to shedding the extra pounds is not in long, strenuous hours of workouts that nearly break your bones. Shorter workouts yield positive results just as effectively. So, if you dread long hours of muscle-moving, you can simply switch to shorter workout to burn the calories.

  1. Invest in a good gym

If you’ve got bucks to spend, then get a membership to the best gym in your area. Convenience is a good tip for keeping yourself on the fitness track. And when your gyming equipment is welcoming instead of creaking, your mind automatically stops avoiding the trips to your gym.

  1. Join a group exercise plan

Exercising in groups is another fitness hacks. This is because working out in the group of people serves as a source of motivation that runs anti-parallel to the demon that whispers the no-fitness agenda.

  1. Create a mind-blowing playlist

Great playlists are one of the important steps to accomplishing fitness enthusiasm. If the music beat makes you want to dance, then it can absolutely encourage you to move your muscles. Furthermore, music is a research-based hack, as science applauds the effectiveness of music in helping to do repetitive and monotonous works such as your workout schedule.

  1. Sleep in your workout clothes

This might sound crazy but it is effective. The hack beats you to making lazy excuses to prevent exercises such as dressing up to go for a jog. On a side note, it is essential to invest in the right fitness clothes. These help you feel streamlined, which encourages you to workout.

  1. Use a virtual trainer

The digital market is booming with more than 8,000 fitness apps. mHealth has infiltrated several walks of healthcare including fitness. Of these apps, there are several that work as personalized coaches, which can help you achieve your fitness goals. Furthermore, there are a wide range of apps that can also help to chalk-out personalized nutrition plans for you as well

  1. Invest in a pedometer

Walking is the easiest exercise that you can pick. Numbering your steps and setting small target goals of steps to be taken daily is an all-important means to increasing your chances of mobility. A minimum of 10,000 steps is recommended in a day so you better start numbering them. However, that’s an impossible task. Therefore, invest in a pedometer that keeps track of your daily steps. Your smartphone serves as an alternative that can also number your steps.

  1. Stand when you can

Standing helps burn calories, which is an obvious contrast to the weight gain that is promoted by sitting. So, while there were lots of times in a day where you have to sit your way through a meeting or activity, remember to stand whenever you can. For instance, you can stand on your way back to home from work during the commute.

  1. Take the stairs

This one is probably the most conventional fitness hack that you might have heard, but that’s because it is effective. It will also help add more steps to your daily goals of steps. It also puts your muscle in action that otherwise don’t do anything except for stand in the elevator, which isn’t much of a contribution to the required dose of daily physical activity.

  1. Take things slow

If you are stressed about where to start with your fitness, you can always do so by running. However, a special hack here is to take things slowly. If you are already working out and trying to start a new exercise, take up the intensity of the move at a slow and steady pace. For starters, this trick also keeps muscle strain and sudden fatigue from the moving the muscles at bay. It also serves the purpose of warm-up exercises that are must for several reasons. So, you can start with a minute of running and increase a minute on a daily note.

  1. Opt for DIY options

Don’t let the unavailability of dumbbells sag your fitness spirits. Opt for DIY options such as water bottles and soup containers that are suitable options. Fill the water bottle with stones, sand, pebbles, or water to adjust the weight as per your needs. If the weight is still not satisfactory, you can use a duct tape to pair together the items at your DIY dumbbells. More alternative gym equipment to gather include spare tires, cast iron pans, and a backpack packed with textbooks.

  1. Stretch as much as you can

Stretching isn’t a nut dedicated to only a few who can call themselves flexible. In fact, stretching is for all and sundry and you should stretch as often as possible. It is not only part and parcel of workouts but stretching is a crucial aspect of improving overall health and flexibility. It also prevents repetitive stress.