Winter is coming, along with Climate Change threats, indeed!

We live in an era where climate change is becoming a bigger and bigger issue day by day. The world is becoming more vulnerable and no one seems to be taking it seriously. As per the Paris Accord for Climate Change most of the major countries agreed to keep a check on greenhouse emissions and to limit them to a certain range, but still the future for life to prevail in the long run look bleak. However, President Donald Trump disregards the agreement as he thinks that it is aimed to curb the growth of industry.

The root cause of all the evil is disagreements. It is going to hamper the peaceful coexistence of influential countries and will be causing damage to Mother Earth in future. Thus, the future of our grandkids stands at a very steep edge and life is reaching a meltdown.

How to combat this silent death alarm?

In order to fight global climate change, the shopping malls in Sweden came up with a very innovate idea. They are stepping up their recycling game by introducing second hand malls. The mall is located in the heart of Eskilstuna, Sweden. It is the first ever mall dedicated to recycled and reused and continuously repaired goods.

The mall contains various shops. Everything available is ‘second hand’, be it the house hold products to electronics. Diverse exhibitions are held for repaired clothes. Educational centers are also present there to make people aware about the consequences of climate change.

Here’s how the mall works…

At the center of the mall there exists The Recycling Galleria. The purpose behind the construction of this place is that customers can drop off unwanted stuff from their household that they no longer need. Staff from the municipality sorts the donations and redistributes them. Those redistributed stuff is brought by those who deem it useful at a relatively cheaper price. The cycle goes on and on thus eradicating the climate change threats and pollution.

Not only that, this will further aid in creating equality and circular economy. The low income levels will also be able to buy stuff at affordable prices. Thus enabling the people and helping them extinguishing the perils of depression and anxiety which are considered the backbone of all the evil. The percentage of crimes and suicides will eventually decrease leading to a peaceful environment in which economy will flourish in a healthy manner.

In order to save the planet we need more of these. Governments around the world should appreciate the effort and would strive to replicate the idea in their homeland.

Sweden is restoring faith in humanity.

What about your country?