If you are the sort of person who doesn’t care about whether your foundation’s shade matches your skin tone, well then, my friend, you are making a huge makeup blunder. There was a time when women of color would paste on lighter foundation shades in a way to fix their imperfections not realizing that they were perfect in their own way.

Good thing, today’s world doesn’t consider having a darker complexion a blemish in one’s beauty. Diversity is encouraged and appreciated. The fashion and beauty community is against dabbing on a foundation shade that makes you look like a ghost out of nowhere. That said, recently actress and singer Rihanna launched her own makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, and ladies around the world are going gaga over it.

On September 8th Fenty beauty introduced its set of forty foundation shades to the world and needless to say, people were thrilled. Twitteratis were the first ones to hoot cheerfully, advising other makeup brands to take notes. One Twitter user commented, “Look at all those beautiful shades! Take notes from #FentyBeauty makeup companies. This is how to properly represent!”

Another posted a tweet saying, “Fenty Beauty is getting all my coin 💰💳💎” It’s like Fenty Beauty has just popped out of the egg and is gripping people in its spellbinding hold already! The variety of foundation shades offered won hearts because before this, many women had to mix two tones to get the perfect one. Even a woman with albinism found her perfect foundation match for the very first time thanks to Fenty Beauty.

Then on October 1st Huda Beauty, announced on its official Instagram account the birth date of its much-anticipated foundation collection. This Huda Beauty foundation line features thirty foundation shades. People think that Huda Kattan has taken the twitter army’s word of “take notes” literally. Some are outrageously accusing the popular beauty blogger of copying Rihanna’s brand.

Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty

“It’s so weird how Huda Beauty is copying Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty foundation,” said a Twitter user. But it’s not like Huda Beauty doesn’t have dedicated fans. Because Huda Kattan’s following spoke in her defense as well. One Instagrammer commented, “If your a Fenty fan that’s great but it’s unfair to put down someone’s hard work of over 2yrs. No one can just whip out 30 shades of foundation in less than a month.”

Well, that point is legit. “Dear Fenty Fans, NOBODY I repeat NOBODY is competing against Fenty Beauty,” said another user “Huda has been working on this project for almost 2 years way before anyone even mention Fenty Beauty. Keep your negative comments to yourself.” Huda Beauty can really not conjure thirty shades of foundation in less than a month.

Also, this is not the first time Huda Beauty has done something to promote diversity. In fact, in the past as well, we have seen the brand create lipstick shades for different skin tones. Some people even jumped in to praise both the brands for spreading amazingness. One user expressed her appreciation saying, “I love that Rihanna came out with 40 shades but I also love that Huda is coming out with 30.”

Rihanna’s latest foundation line is called Pro Filt’r whereas Huda’s is named Faux Filter. Neither of the brands has commented on this matter yet so no one knows who took the idea from whom. However, from the looks of it, this was coincidental. Either way, it’s a blessing to have makeup brands creating colors for everyone. Not everything works for everyone so it is great to have more brands walking in this direction. After all, the more the merrier. No reason to complain, really.