Strong Female Leadership and Its Positive Affects On The Global Crisis

Leaders all over the globe, in today’s time and age, have been under a great stress. The COVID-19 stress has covered the whole world in its scare, leading to great health, economic and financial issues everywhere. In such a state of panic and anxiety, the real leadership qualities of the global leaders has unveiled. Though a lot of male leaders have proven their mettle, it is sure to say that it is the female leaders that take the cake. With a very reliable set of managerial skills, efficient judgement and well-taken decisions, they have been able to tackle the crisis in an admirable fashion.

If the reports are to be believed, Jacinda Arden, the Prime Minister New Zealand, along with Angela Merkel, Germany chancellor are two of the most efficient leaders during this global pandemic. They have taken effective and calculated decisions, which aided them in keeping the negative impact of this global disaster minimal in their respective countries.

Before this, Jacinda Arden had shown her supreme caliber through an effective response towards the mosque attack in a Mosque in ChristChurch. Though the incident had shaken the world, she surely took effective decisions and managed the crisis. She appeared to be quite a compassionate leader, who took into accord the sentiments of varied religions before taking the required steps.

Acting proactive rather than reactive, Jacinda Arden, through a a video message asked the citizens and local public to stay inside. She requested them to step put only in times of extreme emergency. Alongside, showing her usual sense of empathy, she motivated the listeners to ensure that their neighbors are not in a bad state. She asked the listeners to keep a check on the poor and make sure that they are safe and well fed.

Along with this, she ensured that the quarantine period of two weeks is mandatory for all those passengers who have recently traveled from other countries. This further showed that she is definitely capable of taking the right decision at the right time. The country has reported only eighteen deaths by now. This shows that the decisions taken by the leader were well in time. Alongside, people all around the world praised her for her managerial skills.

Angela Merkel , the German Chancellor , has an active career. She ensured to fulfill her duties through video and audio calls, though she had to be quarantined for two weeks. She opted for video conferences, through which she gave important instructions to all the governmental officials. The public was given strict warnings to keep them inside their houses. Alongside, with the outbreak of the disease, extensive tests were taken across the country, to ensure no one remains infected yet untreated.

In the times of crisis when strong leadership is much needed, the female leaders of the world have stood out to be exceptionally skilled. With no brassiness involved in the statement, it can surely be said that they have been able to manage the crisis in a much efficient manner.