Regardless of whether your skin gets burned easily, you should wear sunscreen. Sunscreen protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun which can not only trigger skin problems but can also be a cause of health issues such as heat stroke and skin cancer.

Such a cream keeps your skin tone even, protecting you from severe sun tanning. It also prevents quick aging which is caused by excess sun exposure. Sunscreens save one from blotching, and sunburns which can peel and blister too sometimes.

Using a sunscreen is super convenient with many over-the-counter products being available in different easy-to-use forms such as creams, lotions, and sprays. However, the question does arise, are sunscreens safe for use?

Do they only sit on the surface of the skin or penetrate within? FDA understood how serious this question is and investigated to see if sunscreens entered the bloodstream. The agency conducted a pilot study to encourage researchers to look into the matter further and study if there is a link between sunscreen ingredients and cancer.

What did the FDA find?

Normally, the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t provide data or carry out such researchers. But this matter seemed grave enough that the administration dived in. With the growing awareness of how one needs to protect his skin from excess sun exposure, the use of sunscreens is increasing.

This has led companies selling over-the-counter sunscreens to up their game which has, of course, altered the composition of the products. While initially the FDA believed that sunscreens didn’t cause any damage as they didn’t penetrate into the blood and stayed just on the skin, now it is doubtful.

Therefore, for the purpose of this new study, the FDA looked at how sunscreen effected 24 people who were made to apply commercially available sun protection creams on 75% of their skin. Each participant gave 30 blood samples. It was noted that four active ingredients for sunscreen did enter the blood. Now the FDA thinks these chemicals may have the potential to cause cancer.

This is why the FDA is urging more researches to be conducted in this regard. Since like any other drug, sunscreens also enter the bloodstream, it is important to consider whether or not their ingredients are safe for use.

Wrap up thoughts

Sunscreens play a key role in our day to day lives. However, a new study conducted by the FDA says that while it was previously believed that sunscreens just stayed on skin’s surface, the change in composition has ingredients that can penetrate into the body. Hence, more studies need to be conducted to see if these ingredients have any negative impacts on health.