Gaining pounds is plenty easy but losing them? Quite the opposite. Weight loss takes in a lot of effort and yet, gives minimal results in long stretches of time. Exercise helps, but it is more for weight maintenance than shedding off pounds whereas an unhealthy diet is challenging to quit.

This often leads America’s growing obese population to seek out dietary supplements that may prove to be helpful. Alas, most of these are scams, sold without the FDA’s approval, eating the bucks of users in exchange for hope that doesn’t even last. At best, these products are just ineffective. In a worst-case scenario, they bring along negative side effects of use.

Fortunately now people have a reason to take a sigh of relief because the Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of a dietary supplement, something that doesn’t typically happen. This new product which is set to be available in full stock next year is called Plenity. So, what do we know about this new drug?

Plenity – the new dietary supplement in town?

A company called Gelesis has created hydrogel capsules that contain two ingredients – cellulose and citric acid. It has named the product Plenity, which aims to not only enable weight loss but weight management as well. Normally, the FDA is against dietary supplements, so this is a rare occurrence.

Compared to other supplements, Plenity is different in several ways. For one, it is for people who have a BMI of 25 or higher where most other similar products are for those who have a BMI of 30 or higher. This limits options of weight loss for overweight individuals who are not quite obese but getting there.

What’s more, this dietary supplement also takes a unique approach; it controls weight by suppressing appetite. However, to do so it doesn’t target the brain to make one feel full. No, rather it works in the stomach where its two-ingredient formula expands to form a chewable consistency of cellulose and citric acid which makes one feel fuller.

This blend doesn’t pose any risks for health and is discharged from the body the same way normally food is. Relatively safe, a study does show though that the use of this supplement can cause gastrointestinal symptoms. Therefore, those who have gastrointestinal issues already, they must be careful with the use of this product.

Other than this supplement, the FDA has approved only 5 other weight loss pills. It must be noted here that other supplements available on the market are not FDA-evaluated which is why one must take them with a grain of salt. They can contain any health-damaging ingredients even though the pack reads ‘natural’ and one wouldn’t even know.

Plenity’s approval comes at a time when America is in a dire need of weight loss treatments. This particular supplement can be taken in combination with other weight loss products as well. And though it can prove to be very beneficial, users must adhere to a healthy diet and regular exercise. While the supplement is set to release fully next year, by mid-2019 a limited supply of it will be available.

Wrap up thoughts

Plenity by Gelesis is a new dietary supplement which has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is safe to use and assists one in his weight loss and management journey. It enables one to slim down by making his hunger feel satiated. Interested individuals will probably have to wait till 2020 to be able to purchase this product.