People who want to lose weight and look fit make sure that they use every possible method that would help them achieve their goal. From drinking various kinds of weird soups to eating salads, from working out till wee hours in the morning to famishing themselves, those having an intention to get slim do everything.

Fasting is considered to be a religious obligation for some people while for others, it is a way of getting rid of the extra flab. A lot of people fast to gain a slimmer body. However, the question is that whether fasting helps them having a slim body, or is it just a myth ? This article will help you unveil the truth behind this mystery.

Choose the one that suits you:

Fasting is of two kinds. You can either fast for twenty-four hours in which you will not eat or drink anything for a day or can fast for sixteen hours in which you can eat after the time limit ends.

Scientifically, fasting helps only if you do it for sixteen hours. Starving yourself for twenty four hours a day will lead to dire consequences than properly assist you. In the fast of sixteen hours, you get to eat for eight hours that help you consuming enough calories that would provide you enough energy to spend the rest of the say healthily.

Don’t get bored:

The main issue that most of the people have to face while they adopt the fasting strategy to get a slimmer body is that they can’t stay consistent. Consistency is the key to have a leaner body.

If you fast for two to three days but then keep on eating for a week, you might not lose the way according to the target you have set for yourself. You need to be consistent and use this strategy for a long period of time is you really want to move from fat to fit body.

Be realistic:

You need to be realistic when you decide to choose the fasting strategy to have a slimmer body. You cannot expect yourself to be smart in just a month. Instead, be realistic and realize that fasting will not

make you lose your weight like a magic wand.

On the other hand, if the fasting strategy doesn’t suit your body type, you should not go for it. Instead, eat low-calorie food in small portions and you will soon become a proud owner of a slim body.