In a world of high fashion where people follow trends more than their own instinct, nobody wants to feel left out.

And if you’re one of those who think that they don’t need to follow fashion in order to blend in the society, you need to think again. Trust me!

The way you dress up leaves a prominent mark on your entire personality. Being fashionista doesn’t mean that you follow all the fashion trends blindly, a true fashionista go through all the ongoing trends and see what suits his/her looks first.

A nicely dressed person always steal the attention and have more chances of happy interactions with people around.

Study reveals that people who are well dressed in a way that their attire suits their looks have the potential to lead. They are influential and capable of making people listen to them.

Which is why you see bosses always on-fleek, dressing well and making a difference.

Fashion isn’t about people who can afford expensive, branded things. Fashion comes from your own sense to carry well anything that you’re wearing. You should know that your clothes match your scheduled plans, your personality and your looks as well.

Dressing sense of people makes them more attractive, without putting any other efforts. Just by their clothing looks, they catch your eye of admiration. You have to do the same. Dress up well and the game is yours.

Here we’re sharing some of the clothing ideas that match your routine life.

Student Life:

From highschool to university, one of the many challenges you face is your daily dealing with wardrobe.

You want to look good all the time. In your first days of college or uni, you seem to be very picky with your outfits, but as time passes you start giving less concerns about your clothes.

Choosing daily perfect outfits is sure as hell a difficult decision to make, and it kind of become costly too for you to handle in your student life. But being a little smart with fashion can save you money, at the same time helping you look good daily.

Jeans is a saviour, always have, always will. Keep dark blue, light blue, and light black and jet black in your wardrobe. Jeans can go with top, t.shirts, button down shirts, tunics, tank top etc.

Ripped Jeans, tank top and a cardigan or a jacket over gives a confident look to girls. Crop top is a good summer choice. Make sure they aren’t too short, just a little bit visible belly button is enough to show your hot looks.

Oversize t.shirts tied from the bottom over your belly is a breath taking style. A cap on your head and a bag on your back will definitely kill the show.

Boys in their student life should go for simple, comfortable styles; wear t.shirts below checker shirts, jeans and normal t.shirts or shirts are always a good blend. And an attractive combo of hoodies is also going to add you in the popular group of the school, for sure.

Work Life:

The time you get into your professional life, you realise that the phase is now more competitive and demanding. You have to make your own place prominent in the crowd in order to be recognised.

Fashion becomes more etiquette from here. You get to choose more formal wears, nice colognes, sleek hair and classy accessories.

Button down shirts with pants, capris, or even jeans give totally 9-5 job look. Knee length dresses for women bosses increase the sense of authority one have.

For men, it is always necessary to go for proper pressed shirts and dress pants, smelling nice with good cologne, and a suitable hair style. Your colleagues are going to be inspired or jealous with you if you’re always on your right dress, confident, impressing boss.

Social Life:

The time you give to yourself, family and friends is personal and always lovely. Which means you can wear whatever you want to; so many clothes, of different types, are required.

If it is a family dinner, women should go for dresses, long or short, whatever suits your mood. You can also wear long skirts, or knee length skirts with a floral – lively – top. Pearls accessories look cute on family dinners.

If you’re a girl and going out with friends, it is surely going to be yours and your friends’ collective decision when it comes to outfits for the night, so that’s on you all.

But if its a friends day out, go for denim shorts with a crop top and a bomber jacket on and you’re perfectly good to go. Tank top with jeans and a funky stole on is a good outfit for shopping and lunch.

  • However, Whatever outfit you go for, make sure it suits you and you can carry it well. If you put additional piece of clothes on, make sure that they match your look and your main outfit. You can be a Fashionista if you know how to carry the fashion well!