If you are a fan of seasons and have to binge-watch them, there is no chance you haven’t seen THE GOSSIP GIRL.

The gossip girl was the original series, which had a crazy lot of fans. People loved it so much that even today, a lot of viewers watch it regularly.

One major character of the series, Serena van der Woodsen, played by none other than Blake Lively bowled everyone over with her fashion sense. Even in the real-life, Blake Lively has quite a quirky sense of fashion, and girls tend to learn a lot from it.

Here are the five fashion lessons that she has taught us over the years.

1. All white works like magic

IF you have always been wary about wearing an attire that is monochrome, you need to get rid of this fear. At various occasions, Blake has been seen wearing monochrome and has made people go crazy over this look of hers.

All Of Blake Lively's Best Style Moments | Marie Claire Australia


2. Mixing white with black is a great idea

A lot of people find it tough to wear something that comes in two contrasting colours. This is especially true for a white and black coloured dress. Blake, however, is the queen of varied coloured outfits, and you can see that in the picture below.

Blake Lively Style Evolution - Best Blake Lively Fashion Moments


3. Go daring with your high street fashion

Blake Lively has taught me to be as daring and fabulous when it comes to high street fashion as one is on the red carpet. The paparazzi have often spotted her wearing the most courage outfits and walking on the streets.

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4. Unkept braids are the hottest

Dont have the time to do the hair? No problem. Unkept and messy braid looks the hawtestttt

The Best Street Style Moments of Blake Lively in 2018 - Women's Fashion


5. Oversized coats in winters are the best bet

Follow this diva and wear long, fabulous coats even on a night-suit. You will look stunning!

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