Fashion associations never agree upon following the same trend. If one designer comes up with a thing the other disregards it and starts another façade. Hence, the cycle of fashion continues to roll. However, the designers and fashion startups and businesses have come together on a same page: Hatred for Terry Richardson. Thanks Terry.

Terry Richardson, leading photographer of the fashion industry has been banned by fashion publications and brands including UK Conde Nast, Valentino and Bulgari. Celebrities involved in the concerned industry do not want to be seen with him in public and are distancing themselves from him. So, why it came to this?

Here lies the memory of once proclaimed photographer Terry Richardson. The fashion industry is laying him to forced resting grave because of his behavior. He has been accused of sexually inappropriate behavior with the young models and the stories are horrifying.

Models were forced for a shoot while performing simulated or actual sex acts. Jamie Peck was forced to make tea from the tampon and she was wearing for a shoot. Afterwards, ‘Uncle Terry’ involved her into pleasing him sexually while the studio crew sat and cheered.

To make it worse, he takes pride in it…

Richardson is that creep who wants to be known for his genitals in his work. He regards it a very creative idea. He has the gift of turning everything into an ironic porn shoot and the fashion world loathes him for that. Maybe he wanted to set a trend or kill the buzz but the models chosen for such acts had no say in it. They did not intend to be known as a fashionable porn star. However, the analysts urge that Richardson only teases the newcomers and the senior fashion celebrities are given utmost respect during shoots.

‘Edgy artist’ – he is called by this name, but in his hunger for taking the edge he has turned, well almost vulgar. In his filthy dictionary the concept of being edgy means pushing the ethical boundaries and invading the privacy of models, which are only getting shoots done to build their careers. His work involves legitimizing of placing young females into lewd, distorting situations in the name of art. Disgusting!

It is good thing that fashion industry has woken up to this bizarre situation and is actually fighting back by isolating this weirdo. People like him are the reason that women are facing reluctance to join the fashion industry in the first place. The world in general is fighting a hard battle with gender inequality in all spheres of life. Fashion industry should formulate laws and crimes like these should be taken to court. Vulgar acts should not be taken casually and certainly no artist should be allowed to feel proud of something that is sick and vulgar.

This raises a serious alarm…

Where were these people when the first case was reported? How come it took the world so long to stand up to this injustice? The first cases appeared in media seven years ago. Actual campaign was initiated against him in 2013. Now, after turning years of constant complains into jokes and memes people have realized that this actually is a serious issue.

Let’s hope that the boycott of this creature serves as a wakeup call for all of us.

Edgy at times only means ‘being edgy’ but at other times it could serve as a camouflage for a vile and disgusting mentality. Hope we all know where to draw a line in future.

Richardson is not going to rest in peace.

Fashion world is wide awake.