If you were alive on the internet yesterday you must be aware of the most internet-breaking thing that happened. Shawn Mendes, who has been previously labelled gay, took to Instagram to post a video of himself kissing Camila Cabello. And my, my, lots of tongue was involved.

While several celebrities commented how they loved these two and some even thought that their little French smooch post was cute, fans were not thrilled. Many commented about how “disgusted” they were with Shawmila’s latest move.

“Shawn and Camila think they are the IT couple but they’re not,” wrote one commenter. Another typed, “I get it’s a joke and all but it’s not cute and when I say I want to throw up I mean it.” Yet another added, “this is DISGUSTING. that’s it. that’s the comment.”

Basically, the Nervous singer started off his video addressing folks who have been saying that he and his Señorita collaborator kiss like “fish.” Many have witnessed their kiss in the paparazzi-caught pictures of them that have made it to the headlines.

To make a joke out of it, Shawn and Camila decided to record their lip-to-lip bussing on camera for all to see. Clearly, their \ joke backfired at least in the eyes of commoners. “Nice try at humour but y’all forgot to add the funny. This is just plain disgusting. This video is the main reason heterophobia is okay,” said an Instagrammer who obviously didn’t enjoy what she saw.

“That’s disgusting,” echoed another user. The heat of the backlash has hit both Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello hard. So much so that #CamilaCabelloIsOverParty appeared on Twitter with several joining in. Even before this Instagram kiss, #ShawnMendesIsOverParty was being tweeted, with people talking about him actually being gay and throwing a publicity stunt at them with Camila.


One Twitterer posted, “Im ashamed that I went to a shawn mendez concert after that discusting video bye kid.” Another sent out, “i really rooted for u i defended u then u go and upload that video.”

Though people loved the idea of them being together they are not very impressed now that they’re an item. This mostly is because many think Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are faking their relationship. When their latest song Señorita came out, everyone wanted them to be dating.

Their chemistry surely attracted a lot of fans. Even before the video came out, their were Shawmila Shippers who thought that their friendship was more than what they called it. And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they were spotted together at several places. Their romance bloomed and pictures were snapped of them kissing, holding hands, and being all love-dovey.

The suddenness and timing of it all has made people slam whatever they have between them. However, let’s not get too sensitive over an Instagram post and stand united for something as harsh and outright wrong as online bullying.