If you sport a high ponytail and a perfectly winged eyeliner with the glossiest of lip glosses, does that mean that you are now Ariana Grande? No, eh? Thought so too. Because just because you happen to have a similar style on an occasion or two, it definitely doesn’t mean that you are copying the other person. And suppose that you are, does that mean that people should slam you for doing so?

Something similar just happened to funky fashionista Lady Gaga. Kim K has made a name for herself as the contouring queen, made a statement style of it and stamped it on the papers that she is all about contouring to perfection with KKW Beauty. Recently Lady Gaga posted pictures on Instagram in which she is seen with on fleek contouring, rocking a platinum blond mane.

To this, where some fans reacted with comments that expressed how they were going gaga over her new look, many actually told her that she was resembling Kim K. And they didn’t seem to be all that happy about it. One person wrote, “Why are you and Kim Kardashian looking alike…” while another’s comment read, “From the beginning , this Kim Kardashian’s photo 😂😂😂”Some even wondered out aloud what Kim would think when she looked at the Bad Romance singer’s photo.

However, devoted fans were there to support her all the way. One of them said, “You look great Stephanie, ignore the Kim K remarks they are just dumb. 💟 xx” Another was of the view that “When people say she coppin Kim K but gaga essentially started pop culture as wee currently know it.” Either way both the women look great in their own way. By rocking a similar look they do not become lookalikes. Just two different ladies with long blond locks and an on-point contour game.