Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have had a rocky past few months in terms of their relationship. But fans don’t care about the future of their love affair as much as they do about the extension of their family. They think that this couple is ready to welcome baby no. 2.

While the makeup mogul and her boyfriend have clarified that they wouldn’t be having more children soon, some fans think that the 21-year-old self-made billionaire is giving hints that she is expecting. And by now, they have surely collected a couple of indications.

The most recent of these is a could-be underlying message hidden in Jenner’s latest Instagram post. She shared an image of her hands in which both her hands’ nails are wearing different polish colors. While one’s pink, the other is blue.

Followers think Kylie Jenner is wondering out loud whether she’d be having a baby boy or a baby girl next. Some think that her upcoming little munchkin will be a boy because the pink nails represent her already-here daughter, Stormi Webster.

One person commented on her latest picture, “more pregnancy vibes.” Another fan wrote, “girl is she pregs again cos I can’t handle” while yet another typed, “Kylie just tell us, is it a boy or a girl?” Only a few days back, fans caught whiff of another probable hint that she was expecting.

Kylie shared a video of hers with Stormi in the caption of which she mentioned that Stormi was stuck to her like glue lately. Fans immediately came to the comments’ section with old wives’ tales that her little girl could sense that she was pregnant which is why she was getting so cuddly.

Do you think Kylie Jenner could be pregnant and is doing what she does best, that is, give fans subtle clues about a mega secret? Even if she is pregnant, we’re pretty sure fans won’t find out not until she announces it publicly, something which Kylie doesn’t do speedily.

The social media influencer just leaves breadcrumbs before a big reveal rather than directly jumping to the podium to make announcements. That’s what she did when she was pregnant with Stormi. Perhaps, the Kylie Cosmetics founder is just teasing her fans for nothing since they’re enjoying her little game.

While she loves being a mother the most, Jenner has no reason to rush into having another baby since she’s only 21 right now. But, don’t cancel out the possibility of her definitely being pregnant just yet. After all, a source told People back in January, “There will definitely be another baby sooner rather than later.”