Kylie Jenner’s fans are not impressed with her latest venture.

The makeup mogul who recently released her new product line, Kylie Skin, is being bashed online because of her lack of knowledge when it comes to skincare.

Only a few weeks back, the 22-year-old was slammed for making a walnut scrub which people pointed out cannot be good for skin since it contains walnut powder. Mentioning how walnuts even in their most micro form can cause skin tears people started warning each other against using Kylie’s scrub.

Now fans and followers are saying that Kylie doesn’t even know how to wash her face properly. They are criticizing her massaging on her cleanser for such a short time that her makeup didn’t even come off fully.

Basically, Jenner posted a video that showed the audience how to use her face wash. The video had a flower filter used and showed Jenner washing her face for a maximum of 10 seconds so when she wiped the remnants of water off her skin, residue of her foundation could be seen on the towel which infuriated critics.



A fan commented on her Tweeted video, “This just proves that Kylie did no type of research and doesn’t know what she’s doing at all, not even caring she might be damaging her fans faces with horrible advice.”


Some people were also pissed that Jenner’s video had a filter on which didn’t allow them to fully gauge whether or not her foaming cleanser was worth it. “Take the filter off, give ur costumers the full truth at least,” typed another fan.


Other people were of the view that Kylie Jenner doesn’t even have original skin assuming that she gets several skin treatments done as a person tweeted, “this how you wash your face when you can buy new skin.”


Some even compared her products to Rihanna’s and said that RiRi wouldn’t ever disappoint her fans like that. GIFs featuring the musician were used to tease and compare in the tweet’s comments’ section. Do you think Kylie Jenner’s skincare line has the potential to be as popular as her makeup range? Or is it a flop? Let’s discuss!