Fans are at creating theories again. This time they are of the view that Justin Bieber’s mother is not very happy about her son’s engagement with Hailey Baldwin. The couple that is heading up the lane for marriage has had to deal with a lot of rumors and speculations the past few weeks.

Ever since they have confirmed their engagement, the spotlight is on them. It’s got so bad that some people have presented their view that the couple’s love story has been orchestrated as has been Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson’s. How rude is that?

Selena Gomez and Shawn Mendes have also been brought into the mix despite Gomez not having even shared a word on the entire matter. Whereas, the Stitches singer has been trying to wave away the rumors for a long time now. Even before Stephan Baldwin’s daughter’s engagement to the Friends singer, Mendes had clarified that he and Hailey were just friends.

Now that no one else is left to pull into the whole thing Justin Bieber’s mum has been taken aboard. Bliebers are saying that Pattie Mallette is not okay with her son’s engagement. The speculations started to take birth after Mallette took Bieber’s name off her Twitter bio following his engagement with Hailey Baldwin.

Her Twitter bio used to read, “Yes, Justin Bieber is my son” but now it’s not there anymore. Twitter fans are very sad with the conclusion they have come to. One person wrote, “It hurts me a lot that Pattie doesn’t claim Justin anymore.” Justin’s mum also liked a tweet by Sean Lowe, a former contestant at the Bachelor that read:

‘Before proposing to a woman they’ve only known for a few weeks, I think the final guys on The Bachelorette should come help me scrub my kid’s diarrhea out of my living room rug just to make sure they’re serious about the whole “I want a family with you” thing.’

Fans think that Pattie liking this tweet means that she is also against her son’s rushed engagement. However, some are also of the view that Pattie liking this tweet means nothing. She’s just really into the show. Either way, Justin Bieber’s mother has not yet spoken publicly about what her views on her son’s engagement are.