Fans are confused. Would they be getting the same amount of love packed in KKW’s latest Valentine’s day themed perfumes’ packages? Kim Kardashian’s latest fragrance collection dropped on Thursday and just a day before that she hired her sister Khloe Kardashian and daughter North to showcase the elaborate packages of her Kimoji Hearts Fragrances.

The packaging is indeed creative with a white box holding a chocolate that is a lookalike of the perfumes. The box also has a KKW customized wooden mallet for cracking open the edible chocolate which is airbrushed to the pastel shade of the perfume’s bottle with its name identically pasted on top to match the look accurately. Inside lie the perfume and candy hearts!

Kim K revealed this adorable packaging on her social media accounts and proved once again that when it comes to innovative marketing techniques, she is the boss. Daughter North did what anyone would; she ate the chocolate! Fans are so impressed that they want the same package for their purchases of the Kimoji Hearts Fragrances.

One twitterer wrote, “Does anyone know if Kim Kardashian’s perfume comes in that chocolate heart that it broken with a mallet? That is the only way I’ll buy it. I want to break that chocolate and then eat it.” However, there is no point confusing these press packages with what buyers would actually get. Doing so would only lead to heartbreak.

Just like it did the last time when Kim’s press packages for her crystal perfumes had actual crystals inside. Another user clarified, “Kim is promoting these PR packages a little too much and people are getting confused. im seeing so many comments of people not understanding that they’re not gonna get the chocolate. Just whats inside smh.”

That said, Kim also answered some questions about her latest fragrance collection on her website. Talking about her inspiration for this assortment, she wrote, “I wanted something sweet and fun, and I was excited to do something cute around Valentine’s Day. It’s one of my favorite holidays, and the bottles are reminiscent of the candy hearts that I loved as a kid. Since I love all my V-Day themed KIMOJI, I thought these would make the perfect gift to share or keep for yourself!”

About the naming convention of these fragrances, she said, “I wanted to create fragrances you could share with the people you love. Whether it’s your BAE, BFF, or Ride or Die, there’s a fragrance for each of them.” When asked about her favorite of the three, she said that that depended on her mood. Also, she said that the Crystal Gardenia fragrances would be sold till supplies lasted.

The reality TV show star also talked about the what these perfumes smell like. “BFF is a blend of berries and pink rose petals, with notes of vanilla, marshmallow and cedarwood. Bae has notes of mandarin, kiwi, jasmine sambac, gardenia blossom, and hints of vanilla and sandalwood. Ride or Die opens with blackberry and plum, with strong notes of night-blooming jasmine and raspberry nectar. Caramel and tonka bean add extra depth to the finish.”

On the official KKW Fragrances Instagram account, she told fans that for these custom-made press packages, she had collaborated with Chef Chris Ford. She posted another story on Instagram on Thursday that revealed that she would be sending her Kimoji hearts fragrances to not just her friends and fam, but to those too, with whom she hasn’t been on good terms in the past.

A partial list was shown. The people that she is definitely not close to but would be receiving packages included Lindsay Lohan, Tyler Swift, and Chloe Grace Moretz. Gulp. Looks like she’s on a Kill ‘em with kindness spree. The names of all the people who would be getting the perfumes were written on colored sticky notes. Names of the recipients who are in her good books included Chrissy Teigen, mum Kris Jenner, Cardi B, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lawrence, and others.