The inevitable has happened. The Originals came to an end this Wednesday and fans are not happy. They aren’t sad because the show has ended or because two of their favorite characters died. They are unhappy that they didn’t get complete closure. Julie Plec might be glad about the way her show reached its last episode, but her fans are furious.

The audience knew that either Klaus or Elijah had to die in the finale. They aren’t even too sad that the last episode killed them both in order to save Hope’s life. They’re disappointed mainly because they didn’t get to catch a glimpse of them in the afterlife. In The Vampire Diaries and even in this show, the showrunner showed fans what happened to their favorite characters after they tasted dust. Hayley Marshall reunited with her wolf pack. Josh met his dead boyfriend Aiden in the end.




Similarly, fans were hoping they would get to see Elijah dance in the afterworld with Hayley and Klaus live happily ever after with Cami. But they didn’t. The show ended with the brothers slamming the white oak stake into each other and turning to ashes, leaving fans wondering. No kidding, the episode was emotional. It had fans sobbing throughout. Julie managed to deliver the chills that she always does.

However, the anger fans feels runs deep. So much so that a new hashtag has birthed on Twitter called #Cancellegacies. Some people are also upset with Julie because she romanticized suicide. Although, there’s no comparison between suicides that are happening in the real world and the suicide of these two immortal brothers who had to eventually die and reach the peace of death.

One person wrote on Twitter, “Julie should’ve given the originals a decent closure and have walked away with some sort of dignity instead of continuing her ridiculous obsession with spinoffs and killing off the character that everyone loved so the show no one wants could exist.” The cancel legacies hashtag has also been popularized because a lot of people are not convinced by Danielle Rose Russel’s acting skills. They believe that the actress who plays Hope could put in more mature emotion in her role rather than behaving like an angst-filled teenager.






Some people have also mentioned that they are not interested in the upcoming spin-off series because it would revolve around the life of a teen. One person commented on Facebook that she was too old for a show like that. People also believe that saving Hope could have worked by killing off just one brother rather than leading them both to their deathbeds.

While initially, the TO team insisted that the decision to kill Klaus and Elijah had nothing to do with the next show, Julie Plec did mention in her latest interview that since Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies weren’t up for being a part of the next show, she had to murder their characters. This admission has fueled the ire of fans who are demanding The Legacies to be cancel.

Then there’s that segment – which is a rather huge one – of fans who believe that the entire season 5 was useless and only served as a base for the Hope-centric spin-off show that is set to make its way to The CW. This season had no real villain, no real threat. It was just an extended end of the previous season, that did nothing more than clear the stage for the next show. Either way, this series was too incredible to not be missed. RIP The Originals. We’ll keep hoping we catch a glimpse of Vincent, Kol, and Marcel every now and then in The Legacies.