Jake Gyllenhaal is one heck of a handsome man and he knows it.

The actor effortlessly slips into different characters and doesn’t ever fail to do justice to them. From heroic Price of Persia to him being villainous as Mysterio, he is versatile, talented, and pretty damn Oscar-worthy.

Ever since he has entered the Instagram domain luck has worked in the favor of his fans. Gyllenhaal, after all, doesn’t waste a caption when it comes to stretching giggles on peoples’ faces. The 38-year-old actor can be seen sporting long-ish hair in his latest pictures which has surely melted the hearts of his lovers.

There’s no denying this man has not had age do him any wrong. The Accidental Love actor shared a shot from The National Gallery and captioned it, “Singing Sunday in the Park with George in front of the actual George’s masterpiece with the incomparable Annaleigh Ashford & Jeanine Tesori and my Disney prince hair.”


Of course, fans had already taken note of his mane in the last vid he shared to Insta but when he addressed himself as a Disney prince, that’s when they couldn’t ignore it!

“I LOVE YOU AND YOUR DISNEY PRINCE HAIR,” wrote one commenter. Another said, “Long live your Disney prince hair Jake!” Yet another comment read, “Disney price hair I’m yelling.”

Of course, people also wanted him to actually be in a new Disney movie. One person typed, “Jake as Eugeine in a live action remake of Tangled, anyone?” Another echoed, “He needs to be Flynn Rider!!!” Other people also mentioned how Jake could take on the role of the Tangled main lead. One fan even mentioned how he’d like to see Jake as Scar in Lion King’s human live action remake!

Now let’s just hope that Jake let’s his hair stay long for a while. But being honest though, this man can even ace baldness.