You might not know it yet, but your shoe rack has a heart that is deeply craving some new boots. It keeps looking at your shoe-clad feet every time you pass by and cringing at how you haven’t treated yourself to that one pair of glittery boots that your feet deserve. Your toes wiggle in dismay every time you slip into those same old slippers that were trendy this summer but not anymore.

When you are asleep they whisper to each other about how your collection is sooo outdated. If it were up to your feet, they would run to Nine West and buy a pair of those latest velvet booties. If you really love your feet and care about your style, you’re probably thinking about waltzing to your favorite mall and shopping the best shoes ever.

Also, fall is here and so is the list of trends that it has brought along. Here are the best fall boot trends that you need to get for your feet.

Vintage suede boots

If your heart skips a beat every time you see that classic pair of boots in old movies, it’s time to satiate your desire for a pair of suede, laced up boots. You won’t look out of place just super chic. Pair it with a ruffled shirt and make a style statement. Ruffles are also in trend as seen in the Paris Fashion Week this year.

Over the knee boots

We’ve all heard about knee-high boots being in trend, but did you know OTK (over the knee) boots are also stealing major spotlight these days? A pair of OTK boots with a mini dress is sure to make you stand out of the crowd for all the right reasons. The Paris Fashion Week is proof that OTK boots are the street style shoe trend for the season. Olivia Culpo has also rocked this trend, so there is no need for you to hesitate.

Slouchy knee-high boots

Stuart Weitzman recently launched a whole collection of this lovely trend and fashion fanatics around the world muttered a united “oh my!” These boots have a tough vibe about them. Paired with a leather jacket they make you look all the more stylish.

Floral ankle boots

If you think florals are only for the warm days of the year, then you are fortunately wrong. Floral ankle boots are another fall trend that fashionistas have been blessed with. Dark colored with a bold floral print, these ankle boots are all set to take you to places.

Combat boots

Talk about wild and crazy stylish. Beyonce rocked a pair of floral combat boots a little time back and fashionistas took notes. Thus, you should too. This winter is all about looking cool (pun intended) so make sure you have a pair of these boots in your collection.

Feather trimmed boots

All feathery and furry things are in vogue. Not just outfits and handbags, but shoes too. Rihanna picked a pair right from the YSL runway show at Paris Fashion Week. You should gift your feet a pair too.

Sparkly boots

Good news for all shine lovers, you can incorporate one sparkly item in your look every day without having anyone frown at you. All things glittery are trendy these days. Sequined, embellished, and metallic boots are waiting for you at some shop. Better go get what is rightfully yours.

Velvet boots

If you want to give off royal vibes, go for velvet boots. Almost every brand has introduced its collection of velvet boots. Dark maroon, green, purple, and red are the most-fetched colors when it comes to this shoe trend. Velvet boots are not just celebrity-approved but a celebrity-favorite shoe trend too.