All these times you have been giving your eyes a sparkly treat, sprinkling some glitter as your shimmer to-go, and adding a tad-bit of glitter glow to your lips too. But let us pause here and give a crucial factor some thought here. Isn’t it unjust that your skin does not get its fair share of glitter glow? Where your eyes and other features radiate glitter, why doesn’t the skin get the chance to breathe glitter?

While you didn’t give this special, skin care aspect a thought, it has already popped into the thought bubble of Too Faced that has come up with a sparkling skin treatment mask that is being termed Glow Job. This mask is a blend of essentials in a glitter bomb that is ever ready to explode on your skin. The result, you ask? Radiance in about 30 minutes!

Too Faced glow job


Now that sounds like an ultra-thought out-skin mask that is ready to work wonders at the drop of a hat. The Too Faced Glow Job mask feels like the treasure that our skin has been secretly seeking and hunting for this long. It works to exfoliate skin and present you with a glowing skin in no time.

The Glow Job is packed with real flecks of gold, which accounts for the product being this year’s most luxurious skincare item so far. Jerrod Blandino, the co-founder of Too Faced has been successfully teasing his followers on Instagram with how the peel-off mask works. And we are all purely awe-struck!

Simply put, the Too Faced Glow Job face peel-off mask is one of a kind glittery skin treatment that your skin deserves. The mask is planned to make its debut in December. So far, the specific launch data is not revealed. Until then here’s to the anxious waiting period and constantly glued eyes on the Instagram page of Jerrod Blandino.