December 8, 2021

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Facebook stops facial recognition on its site

This is a small revolution: Facebook announced on Tuesday that its site will no longer be used. Identifiable facial recognition, Since 2010, Someone in the photos or videos posted on the social network.

The California panel said it was embroiled in scandals about its economic model and would remove facial recognition data accumulated by more than a billion users.

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One third of users use this function

This unexpected move means that some popular network tools will no longer work: when a user posts a photo, for example, the algorithm will not guess the names of those in the snapshot. Meta, the brand new parent company of Facebook and its other platforms (Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.), however, recognizes that this technology can be useful on a daily basis, especially to unlock the screen of your smartphone.

A Long blog post, Jerome Besenti, vice president of artificial intelligence at Meta, writes that social networking is causing change. “Many Concerns About the Place of Face Recognition Technology in Society”. He said the company still sees software as a powerful tool, but it is not “Every new technology brings with it the potential for benefits and concerns, and we want to achieve the right balance.”

“More than a third of the daily active Facebook users [640 millions] We have selected our face recognition system, and it can be identified, and removing it will remove one billion unique facial recognition models. ”

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Facebook is currently facing a wave of allegations related to the leak of internal documents planned by a whistleblower.

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In the presence of participants at a web summit in the US Congress, the European Parliament or in Lisbon, computer scientist Frances Havkan promised that the social network puts its profits before the safety of users.

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