When it comes to skincare, there’s not one product we want to leave behind. After all, for us ladies our main concern is to look as young as we can for as long as we can.

But while we know that sunscreens and moisturizers should be integral parts of a good routine, we’re not so sure about eye creams and lotions. Talking about eye creams, they often seem to be just as unimportant as hand creams. You know, the sort of products that only affluent people buy.

For some reason there seems to be a different product for different parts of your skin. Which makes you wonder – can one product do all the jobs so that you can save some money as well as the effort that goes into applying various products?

Quite honestly, no. Since the skin on different areas of your body is different, it has its own unique requirements. So, it completely makes sense that there is an eye cream that you need separate from your regular moisturizer.

The actual reason you need an eye cream

The skin around your eyes is a lot more delicate than that on the rest of your face. You may have noticed that the skin under your eyes and of your eyelids is a lot thinner. This is why your day-to-day moisturizer cannot replace an eye cream.

Eye creams contain ingredients which are specifically needed to improve the production of collagen and make the skin around your eyes healthier and more elastic. They have a higher oil content and are thicker than other skincare products.

Dermatologists think that your skincare bag does need an eye cream, particularly one that contains the right ingredients. Basically, the ingredients in an eye cream are especially for meeting the requirements of your eyes. They have gentler components that decrease fine lines and wrinkles as well as hydrate surrounding skin so as to reduce the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

Unlike other parts of your facial skin, the skin around your eyes shows fatigue and age way earlier. Since you squint and move your eyes around all the time, the skin also gets wrinkly sooner. This is why the care required is different.

Can you ditch an eye cream and use a moisturizer instead?

Sure, if you don’t care much about wrinkles and other eye-related issues or have great genes, you can ditch an eye cream. However, if wrinkles are one of your biggest concerns or you fear that your eyes will eventually start showing your age, then buy an eye cream.

As mentioned above, your eye cream cannot be replaced by your moisturizer. It is important to note here though that some dermatologists believe that your moisturizer, depending on its ingredients, can work as an eye cream as well. If you’re not a big fan of too many products, go for home remedies for supporting the health of the skin around your eyes.

One thing to keep in mind – you don’t only need an eye cream if the surrounding your eyes shows signs of distress or aging. In fact, you should invest in an eye cream as a preventative measure. This means even if you don’t  have dark circles or wrinkles, you should consider using an eye cream.

How to apply an eye cream

Most people make several mistakes when applying their skincare or cosmetic products. This brings us to how you should apply your eye cream. Here are some tips on exactly this:

  • Don’t use too much product. Just a pea-sized amount will suffice the small area around your eyes and will also make your tube last longer.
  • Apply your eye cream on moist or damp skin so that the water content is locked in. Don’t apply it on dry skin – wash your face, pat with a towel to dry somewhat, and then apply it.
  • Make sure you apply the cream gently. Don’t rub harshly as that will do more harm than good.
  • Wear your eye cream over your moisturizer since it is thicker in consistency. Remember lighter products go under, heavier ones go over.
  • Make sure the eye cream is not too close to your eyes. It should not get into your lash line. Apply it on the skin under your eyes and eyebrows.
  • Once you have applied the cream, wait for it to get absorbed before applying another layer of a skincare product.

Tips on how to choose the right eye cream

Choosing the wrong eye cream beats the purpose of investing in one. That said, here are some quick tips on how to pick the right eye cream for yourself:

  • Know that price should not be a deciding factor. Sometimes the best creams come for a mediocre price tag and those that are expensively priced don’t do much good for you skin.
  • Always purchase the product after looking at its ingredients. Your eye cream should have the ingredients required for making the skin surrounding your eyes healthier.
  • Go for an eye cream that matches your needs. for instance, if you have eye puffiness go for one that is specially designed for reducing eye puffiness rather than one that is more for wrinkles.

When should you replace your eye cream?

Your eye cream should be replaced if its texture shows that it is no more usable. Above all, keep note of the expiration date and don’t use the product after it has expired. After a product has exceeded its shelf life, it’s better to stop using it.


An eye cream is an essential even though most people believe their moisturizer can replace it. This is because an eye cream comprises of ingredients that specifically target the problems that affect the skin surrounding your eyes. Be mindful of how you apply your eye cream though. Don’t be harsh and use it over thinner skincare products. Lastly, buy the correct product after reading the label.