Should you or should you not add nutrient supplements to your diet? Let your doctor dictate that for you. Unless you don’t have a deficiency in a particular vitamin, there’s no point in consuming a supplement. A new study which the Annals of Internal Medicine has published, reveals that unnecessarily taking a vitamin supplement is useless, if not harmful.

As part of this research, 31,000 people above 20 years of age were examined. It was found that those healthy people who consumed vitamin A, K, and zinc supplements didn’t experience any additional health benefits. However, their health was also not negatively impacted. But in the case of those who took vitamin D supplements despite not having a vitamin D deficiency, excess dosage increased cancer, and death risk for these individuals.

In the same way, it was also found that consuming calcium supplements without a calcium deficiency increased risk of cancer. Though if this calcium was consumed through natural foods, health wasn’t adversely impacted. The results of this assessment also showed that lifestyle changes played a bigger role in improving health than taking supplements.

If one gets better education, cuts down on alcohol use, stops smoking, etc. he will be better able o maintain good health. When these changes were made, the benefits provided by supplements apparently also disappeared, marking them as useless. Hence, it was concluded that you shouldn’t consider taking supplements, if you don’t need them.

And if you do need more of a particular nutrient, consider getting it through food sources. Previously as well, experts have expressed concerns over the composition of these nutrient supplements. They say that since the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t evaluate these products, one cannot be sure about their safety in terms of health and ingredient-list.

These supplements may contain harmful chemicals or additives and one won’t even know. Furthermore, an overdosage of any vitamin cannot be good for health. It may result in health complications ranging from nausea and fatigue to major issues like organ failure.