December 8, 2021

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Evidence: Mac M1s a year later, almost perfect balance

For a while The new wave of Mac M1 Just released, now is the perfect time to learn about the first generation of users who launched a year ago. We were open Call for witnesses By asking our readers how this transition to new architecture went. Here are the answers … (they were given before the announcement of the new range of MacBook Pro 14 and 16).

The smallest Max (M1) has found its audience, which is often the turning point in the evidence. A ” The work was accomplished by Panache In the perspective of Haskran This replaced the 2017 Imax as it began to lose control.

His praise was appreciated because he was afraid to clear the plaster of architecture never seen before on Mac. This glorious fear of the “Rev A”, i.e. the first representative of a new generation product, is baptized by fire and its production has not yet been established. ” Apple has already proven its ability to build powerful processors on smartphones. It is still necessary to master the course of the system .

Its acquisition: 16GB / 1TB configuration is under Rosetta for smooth, quiet, Final Cut Pro and photography with its 4K and DXO files. The previous iMac was soon forgotten.

But no matter how powerful it is, as found, the Mac Mini can’t take it all Roger Molina Finished a documentary in 4K when his 2013 Mac Pro failed:

I fell on a Mac Mini M1 and I have to say it finished the job and implemented it DCP releases. The weakness of the graphics made me switch back to the Mac Pro 2019 and its tireless Xeons for 4K Multi-Stream Subject and Pro Display and one display on 2 Thunderbolt screens.

While it may not always compete with previous and larger generation machines, the Mac Mini generally has the advantage of operating in complete silence. French fries. He installed his mini in a cradle under his desk and inserted it into a large Pro display XDR screen: ” I can’t tell you when or if it will be waiting. The Pro Display XDR, with its slight head and fan, makes a lot of noise when turned on. .

This comfort to the ears, among those who press the application pedal, can go a little faster on his MacBook Pro 16 “Xcode package but he blows hard, and forgets that the palm rest has left him sweaty hands.” The M1 will disappear completely behind its use and will not be constantly remembered for its user’s attention. And then we wholeheartedly apologize that he took a few more seconds to compile .

Mile, m silence, m silence … this compliment is coming back to the Mac Mini M1. As Golf Logic Pro is a daily user of plug-ins without having to put his computer on his knees. Mac is not affected by execution or its ventilation.

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