December 8, 2021

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Essential urgency for Mark Zuckerberg?

New name for Facebook’s new life? As Google in front of him, A social media company producing a name change On the edge, One of the US reference sites in technology. The change will take place on October 28 and will be announced at the group’s annual liaison conference.

This summer, Mark Zuckerberg has already explained On the edge He wanted his group to be seen by the public.Business Of metavers“More than you want”A company above all social networksBehind the word “metawares” borrowed from science fiction and avenged by Facebook, the team’s new acceleration in the virtual reality industry backed by high investment Massive recruitment. Since 2014, the social network has been betting on this promising and emerging market, making it possible to build “Internet of Tomorrow”, But it explodes slowly.

It is wrong to reduce identity change to a simple strategic change. Associated with repeated scandals Cambridge Analytica in 2018, Was criticized for his character The rise of terrorism, Has become one of the youngest, and the name Facebook is no longer a dream.

Facebook is more than Facebook

As a reminder, Facebook has expanded its empire beyond its original social network, to Messenger, to the social network of photos. Instagram, WhatsApp News or even to a virtual reality company Oculus In the 2010s.

But it was only released at the end of 2019 A new logo, The words “via Facebook” appear in these other products. Pvt.

Sure, Mark Zuckerberg’s company owns two of the three largest social networks in the Western world (Facebook and Instagram) and is the most used news app (WhatsApp). As a result, it absorbs more than 23% of the global advertising market (According to eMarketer) It creates a dual system with Google, and it still dominates mobile advertising. In 2020, it generated $ 86 billion in revenue (+ 22% compared to 2019) for a net profit of over $ 29 billion.

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If Zuckerberg’s company follows Google’s example with Alphabet, its first social network will become one of the products of a new offer. Among the accusations of monopoly practices, its functions, sometimes in appearance – would be a way of presenting secession. This new structure helps to refresh the image of the group that has been most damaged by repeated scandals.

There is a question: what is the role of Mark Zuckerberg? The iconic founder still includes his company, in which he seems to control every aspect. Would such a change be an opportunity for him to take this distance?

“Facebook Files”: The most devastating scandal in Facebook history

Repeated scandals and threats from regulators

If the details are well known in the coming days, there is no doubt that Facebook has played a significant role in Mark Zuckerberg’s desire to change the name of the company in the wake of the historic crisis.

Facebook’s activity in targeted advertising, its impact on democracy and its dominance in the social media segment around the Western world continue to attract the attention of regulators. In the United States Such as In Europe. For economic and democratic reasons, the possibility of removing the group does not seem as credible as it is today.

This option is being pushed more and more aggressively by the Democratic Left. For once, both Democrats and Republicans acknowledge the dangers posed by Facebook, which does not bode well for the future of the US Congress.

As if his situation was not rock enough, the 5th company The best value in the world Also found under one foot New terrible scandal, Certainly the most devastating in its turbulent history.

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Presented by Whistleblower Francis Hogan, former corporate executive The Wall Street Journal A large documentation referred to as Facebook files. Internal studies of these tens of thousands of pages shed a profound light on the group’s harmful practices.

Anonymous, the former Facebook executive testified before the US Congress and offered something to the regulators by showing the group a moral and cynical alliance, fully aware of the mental health of teenage girls using Instagram and its negative impact. But, above all who cares about their business model.

This chapter is far from over: the Facebook communication team is already trying Preserve the image of the group Against other articles coming out soon.