May 17, 2022

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Esport – Aegis: “Starting a team, we were thinking about it”

This is a real trend now. After Karmine Corp, Joblife, BMS or Mandatory, Aegis, a new French sports club project led by Twitch personalities officially saw the light of day on Monday evening. Its founders are not well known about the streaming platform: among them, Xavier “Mr MV” Tang, Kevin “Shawn” Conberzade and Alexis “DFG” Rodriguez have amassed millions of followers.

So this system is not newly started and all three already have a certain connection with sports. For example, Shawns played and coached at the highest level League of Legends A few years ago. But Aegis begins its adventure in the current major game of the latter: Team fight tricks (Where TFTAn “auto-chess” in the universe League of Legends), With 20 French players, European champion Gregory “An 33D” Bodin, Arthur “Margarie” Putin and Laurent “Boss de Pol” Cider in 2021.

The day after the departure of Aegis, its three creators outline the motives and ambitions behind a project that could push French sports a little further, in an already prosperous period.

“What prompted you to find this club?
DFG : All three of us have a more or less pronounced connection to sports. MV followed a little, Shawn and I played competitively, and he came out on top. We continue to gravitate around. Starting a group, we were thinking about it. We talked about it with Shawn first, and then immediately with the motivated Xavier. This is how it went.

Shawns : The three of us formed communities through streaming and our past experiences in this medium. We exchange a lot with our followers and we realized from the beginning that we have a lot of sports fans. League of Legends It’s been over ten years … this environment has all but grown up, but it’s been a long time without a project from people like us. We want to offer something to those who identify with us. Create events that physically unite our communities around a club, but not sports. Missing today.

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Have you been impressed by the development of French Sports and many other streamer projects over the past two years?
DFG : When we talk about meeting people, Carmine Corp KCXs are great things for example. At the game level, KC’s trajectory is almost miraculous. It will be very difficult to reproduce, we know it well. We have no ambition to be strong, but to offer something different. Esport is a dense, cohesive discipline.

Mr. M.V. : You have to be efficient, but do not skip steps or make too much profit. This is where most people lose money. We want to like it and enjoy something with our communities that come together. If all goes well, life will be better. Our three players Cracking.

“It’s no secret that the League of Legends is of global interest to us. But whatever the league, we will not go without ambitions or a great team.”

Do not confuse Kevin “Shawn”

Get started TFTDoes this make sense to everyone involved with the game?
Shawns : There is a strong balance between sports and streaming on TFT. We all play there too. It was the perfect gateway to a club, while at the same time improving the social aspect.

Mr. M.V. : TFT I have done a lot in the stream but have seen many things including matches. That scene was so awesome when I didn’t take anything League of Legends… It took me a while to do events in my corner and now it makes me so happy and my followers respond very positively. I have never created a team on a project like this before. In such an active, energetic community TFT, It’s cool. The game is in full swing, everyone is talking to each other, getting to know each other, and it wins well. There is a competitive situation, but there may be less hostility than other games.

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Sport-wise, you go with an ambitious team and three of the best players in the world. Is the end goal?
: We create a club above all else to win titles. These three players are the heads of the scene TFT And we will invest resources and hire an employee to help them succeed. We want a professional team that works together. They know they have talent but can still progress. At Carmine Corp, Solari has some of the best players … but the goal is clear: to win. In other games, if we go there too.

The founders of Aegis and their first three players reunited before the announcement. (Clement “Clumsy” Cellier)

You have not gone far enough to qualify for the worlds TFTWill you pursue personal ambitions?
: I will always be a player, now it will be a problem if I qualify for the World Cup in front of our players! (Laughter) This is practically impossible. TFT More and more training is needed to be the best.

Mr. M.V. : At worst, he will be our fourth player. (Laughter)

Are you already thinking about diversification? As soon as we know you we think it is necessary League of Legends. The Speed ​​flow (Continuing to finish a game as quickly as possible) Can be a separate discipline, but also a field of expansion?
Mr. M.V.
: Paradigms based on competition are always rather badly spent in the community Speed ​​flow, Very rooted in virtue. This is Twitch’s DNA in 2014 and 2015, much less today. No need to consider it, no. Maybe other games on the other hand … war for example.

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DFG : We want to diversify, in the end (To laugh) For now, we are focused TFT. First we want to lay a good foundation for this club and make sure the project gets started. Then, if we understand it, we will want to look elsewhere. One thing that is done more in sports is that we do not rule out having ambassadors. Even if we are a little ourselves.

Shawns : No secrets, League of Legends Is of interest to us worldwide. But whatever the league, we will not go without ambitions or a great team.

Mr. M.V. : Everything depends on the first year. If we all yell at each other, but our players have no end in sight … (Laughter)

Shawns : This is not a planned show, but it’s good to talk about it! We also like to have fun. This is not a Start, We did not come here to make money. We have currently invested our personal resources. We want to bring extra value to this environment, we start, we believe in it, we implement it. ⁇