January 17, 2022

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Eidos Montreal and Eidos Sherbrook accept 4 day week – News

A real turning point for the 460 employees of Eidos Montreal and 40 employees of Eidos Sherbrook, all of whom have been affected by this change in favor of the four-day week (Monday to Thursday, i.e. 32 hours of work instead of 32 hours per week), without reducing wages or correcting downward production expectations.

Sure, we want to reduce working hours, but at the same time increase the quality of time invested, be it at the team level or at the entire studio. A perfect balance for everything“David Anfosi, the studio’s director, is delighted to save time in terms of organization, for example by reducing the duration of internal meetings from one hour to 30 minutes.

According to David Anfosi, the health conditions in place since 2020 and the resulting telecommunications adoption have helped to shake established standards, even though the idea of ​​a 4-day week has been explored since 2019. David Anfosi had heard of a similar experiment conducted by Microsoft in Japan, which yielded definite results.

We always aim to improve the quality of life at work and the well-being of our employees. The studio will improve the quality of both studios’ Etosion-produced distributions, with optimal attraction and retention of its skills, efficient recruitment, reduction of absentee and disease rates, and better management of professional performance-related stress and anxiety.

David Anfosi, director of Edos Montreal

As he said in the newspaper PressThe studio will inevitably back down in the event of disappointing results. “This is an auction, we will not hide it“, David Anfosi agrees on the competition for recruitment and skills.”This is very difficult. The retention rate and recruitment rate are part of the data measured by this effort.“he said.

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