The term “artist” is pretty broad and while you may entirely suck at holding a pen and drawing a straight line let alone the Taj Mahal that doesn’t mean that you’re not an artist. Perhaps you hold some other talent. Like there are so many ladies out there who are makeup artists. And while you may be incapable of sketching a properly winged eyeliner, you might as well ace at nail art.

That said, to be a nail artist, you don’t necessarily need to have all that equipment. All that creativity lies in catching which basic everyday items you can use as your paint brushes, your palette comprising of varying shades of nail polishes. Your designs don’t just have to be complicated and intricate patterns. They can be simple, easy, and yet pretty.

So gather your weapons, we’ve compiled a list of easy nail art designs that can be created even by the most amateur of artists.

Polka Dot Splash

No denying that polka dots will forever be trendy. This print is everywhere; from being stamped on your vintage tees to being lined inside your handbags. Polka dots can also be sported on your fingernails. Wondering how you can rock polka dot painted nails?

Introducing bobby pins! Daphne Blake was not wrong when she time and again proved that a bobby pin was more than just a pin to hold your hair. Sure, it can unlock doors, but did you know that it can also be your best friend when it comes to drawing dots on nails? Well, it can!

There is no easier way to make a polka dotted nail art design and rock it like a pro. You can decide the two colors depending on what you are wearing. However, no color combo is as great as golden on black when it comes to this retro design.

Zigzag mania

Another easy-peasy way is to go for zigzag patterns. All you need is a pair of zig-zag cutting scissors and tape. That’s it. Take two colors, for instance, one black and another silvery glitter. Paint on the base coat black. Then take a good length of tape and cut one horizontal edge zigzag with the scissors. Let your base coat dry and then paste the tape on 1/3rd of your nails, leaving the lower half moons open.

easy nail art deisgns

Then paint on the glitter nail polish, even if comes out of the zigzag edges of the tape, you don’t have to fret as obviously, your base coat is safe below it. Let it dry, then peel off the tape and ta-da! The same way you can rock other combinations of nail polishes as well. Or other designs involving zigzags.

For example, you can give yourself a uniquely funky French manicure with the base coat purple topped with another layer of glitter. Paste on the tape leaving the tips of your nails open for a layer of black nail paint. Another way, you can rock a design is by dividing your nails vertically with a zig zag with different shades on both sides.

Or to draw more straight lines some diagonal, some vertical, some horizontal, make use of good old tape. You can also mix and match these ideas to create something way more creative and beautiful. A great example: one nail can have plain color while the other can sport some glitter, the third can use tape (minus the zig-zag) to diagonally divide in half with one side drenched in glitter and the other plain.

Patterned magic

If you’re a fan of lines and patterns, then you better have a nail art sharpie at home. Before you shake your head from side to side saying an adamant no, just know that you aren’t required to draw mickey mouse on your nails to look like a pro. You don’t have to dip your pencil’s sharpened nib in the bottle slightly and draw on. There are special markers for nail art.

What you can do is paint on that nude colored base. And then draw on with your sharpie marker simple patterns in the middle of your nails. One nail can have a small triangle. Another can have the divide ( ÷ ) sign, the third one can have a single dot. And so on. Simple but classy. Overdoing doesn’t always look good anyways.

If you have some innate artistic talent in your arsenal, you can do way more intricate patterns. However, take note that using sharpies for nail decoration you have to follow certain steps. If your doodle goes haywire you can use rubbing alcohol to clear the mess and redo without ruining the nail polish. Also, don’t forget the top coat!

Swipes and dabs

Here are some other supremely easy ways, you can rock a chic nail art design. Take this one; called the graffiti nail art. You have to paint on the base color and then roughly swipe another color’s nail polish brush across your nails from different directions. And that’s it. Make sure that the brush only has remnants of nail paint and is not dipped in it entirely.

The other way: you can give a subtle marble effect by first painting on a turquoise base. Take some plastic, crumple it up, roughly apply nail polish to it and dab it on your nails and you’re ready. With these easy nail art designs, you’re all set to add a bit of pop to your look!