The third and final installment of the Maze Runner movies would be hitting cinemas this Friday, but Dylan O’Brien doesn’t seem to be in the mood to hold on to spoilers for even a few more days. In an interview with Business Mirror, the star just revealed bits of what we should expect from the movie. He talked about the complicated relationship that Thomas has with Teressa and in which direction it would steer in The Death Cure.

“With Teresa, I never wanted it to be, in the third movie, that they come back together and just hate each other. That would just seem so basic to me. No matter what they’ve been through, and what she did to him, really, I think he does still deep down inside understand,” Stiles aka O’Brien said.

He further added, “She was the first one he connected with. That’s just always how it is going to be between them, and that’s the person she’s going to be to him, and that’s not going to change, no matter what they’re disagreeing on or going through.” In another recent interview with, the 26-year-old had also given the audience a few hints regarding the opening of the movie.

He made it clear, that since the movie would be picking up from where it left off after quite a while, the beginning sequence would be long enough to give fans an idea of what each character has been up to. He told the publication, “Especially with the gap between the last movie and this one, it’s just a great way to throw everyone back into the world.” We’re totally up for the last part of the movie and like the former Teen Wolf alum, we’re also sad that we would be saying goodbye to one of the best series ever.