One would have thought that The Maze Runner Trilogy would never be completed. That would have been a total bummer considering these movies were among the few novel adaptions that actually turned out pretty good. With Dylan O’Brien seriously injured, the possibilities of completion seemed thin. However, being the hero he his, the guy showed his injuries who’s the boss and got back to business.

The Teen Wolf alum never fails to impress. Not only did he make sure that his fans get to watch Maze Runner: Death Cure in cinemas on January 26 this year, but he also gave them American Assassin last year. While talking about his journey to recovery with USA Today, the star said, “It’s a mixture of emotions for me. It means a lot to me to be able to finish the film and finish the trilogy… The trilogy always meant the world to me and always will. And all these people will too.”

He also admitted that when he had got injured with a “concussion, facial fracture and lacerations,” he had feared that this would adversely impact his career. However, he bested the accident that had taken place on set as a result of a stunt gone wrong and commenced shooting for the third installment in March 2017.

“It just feels so right. I would never have been okay with how we left off. This is how I would have felt best, actually finishing it. And on the most positive note, which is how we started it,” said O’Brien. Now with the trilogy wrapped up and Teen Wolf also being a distant memory, fan-favorite Stiles does feel a bit sad.

As reported by Herald Sun, this is what the 26-year-old had to say about bidding farewell to both the series that have contributed immensely to his career: “I always had the show and/or Maze Runner since the beginning of my working life. So it’s going to be a whole new world. It’s sad to see two things go that I cared deeply about, but they’ll always be with me… It’s exciting to not know what the future holds for a change.”

From the reviews of The Death Cure that have been popping up, it is better to not keep your expectations too high though. But if we talk solely about Dylan, there is no denying that he is a brilliant actor who sure has a bright future. We wouldn’t be surprised if he makes his way to the top in the next few years and joins the ranks of the bigger names of Hollywood.