June 28, 2022

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During a raid – World of Warcraft – the player was upset because his partner might have a baby

Today I saw a post on the subtitle of Lovemimi 097 TrueOfMyChest, A place where anyone can leave their minds open by discussing a topic with members of the community. Her husband, who was nearly nine months pregnant, rebuked her that she might give birth one evening on the eve of a test conducted against the jailer.

First, I recommend finding the original message translated into French for this event.

My husband plays WoW, and he regrets that the delivery of our newborn baby contradicts his raid schedule.

I have never been so hurt.

I tolerated his gambling habits throughout our relationship because I did not want to be the controlling woman and I wanted him to be happy. It was only in the last three years that he went to bed very late. He talks about the game all the time and allowed his information to flood in.

I have to go to the hospital on Monday because I am going to give birth to our first child. He says it was his raid with his guild on Tuesday and Thursday and that Mithik had to fight with the final boss in difficulty, and that this might be the only chance to do so. The baby may be born next week.

I do not know how it feels or how to deal with it. I’m so scared that he will choose the game more than us.

Needless to say there is a good case for addiction to the Warcraft world. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation, or did you know someone who one day had a hard time leaving WoW to do something else? Note that this is about another video game, WoW has no monopoly in this kind of situation.

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In this case, we understand the grief of the future mother. Due to the stress of the end of pregnancy and the arrival of a new member of the family, it is difficult to manage such a request from the husband.

I can imagine many of you starting WoW when you were young, today, your situation has evolved and you have a wife, even children. How to reconcile your interest and your family?