Dua Lipa has time and again proved that she is the boss. The singer keeps sharing her views on different matters. The latest of it is that you can’t clink glasses and say cheers when she is around. You definitely shouldn’t. The New Rules songstress recently shared that she is very superstitious.

In an interview with V magazine, she said, “I’m really superstitious. First I’ll warm up, drink lots of tea, hang out with my band. If people in the room have anything in their cups, they aren’t allowed to cheers. Not just before a show, but ever.”

The 22-year-old has reason to believe that every time someone does, bad things happen. “Before a show in Stockholm, my band thought it’d be funny to cheers with water before our show. I was so mad at them, and we went on stage and literally everything went wrong. Everything,” added the singer.

So now you know what you shouldn’t be doing at a Dua Lipa concert. The artist rose to fame recently when she gave hit after hit. Now we’re hearing that she might be next in line to have the honor of singing the theme song for the 25th James Bond film!

The movie is scheduled to come out this November so if she does sing the song, you’ll get to treat your ears to it around this time. They say her name tops even Ed Sheeran’s and Jessie J’s in the list of potential singers for the theme song.

Talking about her superstitious beliefs, Dua also shared another incident. She said, “Before my Brit Awards performance, I was so worried that I was gonna jinx my performance by being so nervous—so I wore my knickers inside out, under my outfit.” Is not that funny? Dua Lipa did, however, stun everyone that day with her on fleek look.