When Balenciaga introduced the dad shoe trend on the runway the first reaction was negative. People couldn’t stop making jokes, Twitter had a field day. However, a look at the numbers, and it’s clear that despite the immediate reaction, the sneaker sold like crazy. People were obsessed with it! Still are.

Then every single brand brought to the fore their version of the chunky sneaker. We saw LV, Prada, and many more present dad shoes with a twist. However, Dsquared2 is definitely the winner here. The fashion house has showcased what seems to be a pair of wedges with a strong Balenciaga dad sneaker vibe. White base, several popping colors in the mix, and heels!

Just when you thought Christopher Kane’s crocs were weird. At the Milan Fashion Week runway, the audience saw what Dsquared2 is calling ‘The Giant Heels.’ The sneaker-wedge amalgam has three straps. The middle one is PVC to add an extra bit of sass and style. One person tweeted, “I totally got Balenciaga vibes from this.” Us too! The user further added, “after the Croc crossover and these sneakers, I just thought it was natural progression.”

While we wouldn’t be surprised if these unique shoes prompt other brands to create similar versions, and sell like hot cakes, for now, we’re just enjoying the buzz they have brewed on Twitter. One Twitterer wrote, “Can’t do it bro 😂😂 I can feel my ankle breaking already.” Instagram comments, on the other hand, are full of praise.

One fan commented, “woahhh where can i cop these?” Another commenter said that despite being a man, he so wanted to try these! Surprised? Nope. We’re not sure whether these Giant Heels would be comfortable or not, but if fashion-forward women nod their yes to it, we’re sure no one would care about the comfort factor.