Guzzling down chilled fizzy drinks post-workout may seem like a great way to freshen up, but it doesn’t do your health any good. In fact, high-fructose carbonated drinks can adversely influence kidney functionality when you drink the beverage immediately after exercising.

These beverages have the same effect on the health of those who engage in physical labor and immediately down a bottle of soda. It’s no secret that carbonated drinks can have many negative impacts on health. They can ruin one’s oral health, up the risk of cardiovascular problems, increase blood sugar, lead to diabetes, and even impact mental health by making one hyperactive and increasing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Now a new research by researchers at the University of Buffalo in New York have found that fizzy drinks can damage kidneys when they are consumed instantly after engaging in physical toil. This study has been published in the American Journal of Physiology—Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology. For the experiment, 12 participants, physically fit and aged about 24, were made to exercise on the tread mill for half an hour and then given three tasks which were similar to working on an agricultural site for 15 minutes.

The routine was repeated 4 times. Every time, after 45 minutes of strenuous physical activity, participants were given 15 minutes to relax and a high-fructose, citrus flavor carbonated drink which is quite popular. A week after this, the 4-hour procedure was followed again. However, this time participants were served water instead of soda.

Measurements were taken thrice – before, immediately after and a day following the routine. Outcomes showed that those who had consumed soda following physical activity showed signs of AKI as their glomerular filtration was low whereas creatinine markers were high. At the same time, their hormone vasopressin which plays a role in elevating blood pressure was high as well.

This shows the negative ways carbonated drinks can impact health. They can damage kidney functionality if you drink them immediately after exercising. It was concluded that more research was needed to stamp on these findings and see the long-term impacts of high-fructose fizzy drinks.