June 28, 2022

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Dragonflight is now available for pre-order in the store: in 2022! -World of Warcraft

Get ready for the Dragon Islands!

Dragon Flight Available now for pre-order in three different versions. Blizzard confirms sending out release for extension in 2022. Now find out the details below

  • Dragon Flight
    • Basic version: 49.99
      • World of Warcraft: Dragon Flight and Drax logo include pre-purchase as a bonus item.
    • Heroic version: 69.99
      • To help you on your next Dragon Islands adventures, all basic version content and included include the complicated Dreamweaver Flying Mount, Murcastrassa Pet and Level 60 Dragonfly Key.
    • Epic version: 89.99
      • Includes all Heroic Edition content and 30 days of game time, Timewalker’s Heartstone Effect, Diamond of Spellward Head Transmok and Wings of Awakening Bag Transmok (one for each major Dragon flight) in 5 different colors.

  • Integrated collection
    • Heroic version: 109.99
      • Start with 30 days of game time giving you access to World of Warcraft and Wow Classic. This edition includes two sequels (levels 50 and 60), all extensions released so far, including the heroic edition of Shadowlands and a pre-purchase of the heroic version of Dragon Flight. If you buy the Dragonflight in advance, you can buy the trapped Dreamweaver Flying Mount and Murcastrassa pets instantly, as well as Drakks Pets as a pre-purchase bonus item.
    • Epic version: 129.99
      • Includes all the content in the complete heroic version, plus an additional 30 days of game time (60 days in total), the Timewalking Heartstone Effect, the Spellward Diamond Head Transmok and the Back Transmok Wings of Awakening with its 5 color variants (one for each major Dragonfly). )
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