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Dragon Flight Exclusive Interview: Ian Hasikostas Wow – The World of Warcraft Talks About the Future

Following the announcement of WoW’s 9th Dragonflight, I had the opportunity to speak with Ion Hazzikostas, Director of World of Warcraft. We were about ten people at the conference, and I recommend finding out the most important information about the upcoming new features at Blizzard MMORPG.

Prebatch Patch 10.0

  • Events will unfold at this time Prebatch From the Dragon Flight. For two weeks, players will be able to discover key events that will make their debut with Patch 10.0. This update will be an introduction to Dragon Flight.
  • Prebatch will propose Ultaman Restoration, An old World of Warcraft dungeon. Players can enjoy Dungeon Level 60 version.
  • Patch 10.0 will arrive a few weeks before the expansion as usual. New class Trigger Before you jump into Dragon Flight content and new areas, you can play again like the new features in Patch, like Demon Hunter.

Aircraft and new areas

  • The New Continent Located at Dragonflight Northeast of Azeroth.
  • The Continental size The Dragon Flight is hard to mention, but it’s one of the largest continents ever offered to blizzard fighters. What is remarkable is that it offers very lively and breathtaking panoramas. It is a living continent where there is no shortage of life because players can enjoy traveling to different places.
  • The Plane The drakeback expansion is available on the continent. You can call your friend anytime and customize it. It has the potential to expand to all WoW content, but Blizzard is initially going to focus on Dragonflight.


  • Inevitably there will be one Big bad in expansion. However, as we experienced in the Mystics of Pantry we have to wait to find out who it is. As we did with Sha and Mogu on MoP, we will learn more about the threats to Dragonflight. Finally, we will find out who is the threat of Dragonfly. Before knowing who the main threat of this extension is, it is necessary to explore, understand the world and wait. To not imagine a character coming out of nowhere, you need to understand how the story unfolds.
  • Gadker and Irian Will be the main characters in the expansion and the other returning characters. Tyrante et al.
  • Fans of Azoroth Lorraine will be delighted to learn more about this gigantic Proto-Dragon, as well as the various aspects of their coming forward again. There were other dragons then, and you will learn more about their history and origin.
  • Your Tractor In the end you have to choose between Hort and Coalition. However, it was not the same as Bandaranaike’s selection in the Mysteries of Pandaria, where the extension provided an element dedicated to the competition between the two divisions. In Dragon Flight, the choice is between two missions to new territories. Relations between the two factions have softened. The choice of what he uses is the choice of the players, but it is essentially a practical overview, which is more than a philosophical choice for tractors.
  • Some Minor changes Held in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. It’s about the existence of some NPCs and the evolution of foresight, but the innovations will mainly focus on the new continent of expansion.
  • Contains items familiar to some players, such as Dragonflight, Centaurs, Gnolls and Tuskarr, but most importantly invites players to unravel new puzzles. If you & # 39; re excited to learn more about Cologne, primitive dragons, giants, or some dragons’ choices to make, the expansion is for you.
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  • The Race to World First The Sepulcher blizzard among the mythical founders lasted a little longer than what was best seen at length. If the raid had been validated within a week, the community would have experienced this as a disappointment. The ideal length may be about 10-11 days, but balancing it for the best guilds in the world is a real challenge. Raid is a hit, and many players have been playing it ever since it was released.


  • Changes made Does business Or at Interface In particular, it aims to allow players to focus on the most important of what is happening at the center of the screen. Players will get new opportunities to customize their experience and preferences in Dragon Flight.
  • No restoration Archeology Now scheduled. This is something the developers want to do, but they focus on the key elements of Dragon Flight, mostly collecting / designing businesses. We may eventually find some new archaeological material, but not immediately.


  • You can not expect Ascend System or Artifact Power in Dragon Flight. A Progress system Obviously, but the developers have asked player comments based on what they experienced in the battle for Azeroth and the Shadowlands.
  • Your Antique items Shadowlands will inevitably need to be replaced eventually. You do not have to return to any system from the dorm or previous expansion to build your gear. You will upgrade your equipment with Dragon Flight. We’ll have to wait and see if there will be antiques for the Dragon Flight and features to upgrade them.
  • No dragon form Droits.
  • In the current version, flying with your track is less. This is an element (speed) that you can upgrade by opening the elements. Dragon flight must meet certain prerequisites for the ability to fly from one place to another. Blizzard continues to believe that the best way to experience expansion content is from the ground, and not by allowing players to fly from point to point on the first day.
  • Origin Time asked Some World of Warcraft items will last (for example to get 3 items – once a week – have to open something in 3 weeks). Blizzard wants all players to unlock all at once, such as accessing the jailer or the story chapter (such as releasing Antoine). It allows players to discuss a theme together. However, other components may be opened gradually as you play, such as Zereth Mortis’ secret research console. Some equations can be done with Blizzard, and developers will continue to do so.
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Technology and computer requirements

  • The WoW engine Will gradually develop as it has in recent years. Gamers with the latest technology can get new things without having to look at the ones on the laptop or computers with older technology.
  • The Minimal configuration And the World of Warcraft Requirement: The Dragon Flight expansion will be revealed shortly before its release. However, the philosophy that has inspired teams since the release of WoW remains the same.

Myth +

  • Currently, The Dragonflight Mythic + Season 1 The new expansion will feature 4 dungeons and 4 old dungeons. In Season 2, there will be a cycle with 4 other Dragon Flight dungeons and 4 old dungeons. Shadowlands are undoubtedly set aside because they are so recent.

Dragon Flight Release Date

  • The extension will be released As fast as possible. No specific date yet. The first step is to introduce alpha and beta to get the Dragon Flight into the hands of players as quickly as possible. Then, Blizzard will reveal the release date of the Dragon Flight.


Thanks to Blizzard for this interview, which took place shortly after the announcement of the Dragonflight expansion.

I would like to personally thank Ian Hasikostas for the interview, especially for the question he has no obligation to answer. I asked how the developers felt after two years of suffering from the Govt epidemic on the one hand and the harassment scandal on the other. Normally, we like this dev group and wanted to know what it was like today.

Ian answered the question by explaining that the team is particularly excited about releasing Dragon Flight to the players. These two years were inevitably hard, but Ian Dev is very proud of the people who make up the team. Developers are sluggish in chatting about player ideas and can’t wait to see the first testers get their hands on Dragon Flight. It has been several days since we saw the rumors and now we have to look at the future. In the coming months, many things will happen and it will be more interesting than ever.

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