Your grandma might have told you to never chop off your hair even if you really want to copy Selena Gomez. Perhaps, even the fact that untrimmed split ends can damage your hair doesn’t make her budge. No matter how many times you have been told to combat split ends by employing some other technique than getting a trim, don’t fall into that trap! Split ends demand to be trimmed. Here’s why:

They make your hair dull

Split ends have this unbeatable ability to control the shine of your hair. They make your hair look limp and lifeless as they make them weight more at the ends. They suck out the life from your hair and take away their shine. This is why you direly need to visit the parlor and get the ends cut. You can go for the best shine masks or even home remedies, but nothing will work to save your hair’s natural glossiness but a proper trim.

They split and split and split

There’s no stopping split ends. They keep splitting, sometimes even more than three times. That way, they also halt the growth of your hair. Also, the split hairs are not the shade of your natural hair color but slightly different. This ruins the look even more so. Some shampoo adverts claim that they can magically make your split ends go away. However, no hair treatment can do that. After all, the hair that has split can’t rejoin with glue.

A trim would promote healthy hair growth

This one is tried and has proven to be effective; you might as well test it yourself. Trimming those monstrous ends can help your hair grow longer and healthier. A trim can restore the shine because the damage that was keeping your hair from being their usual amazing self, is cut off. A trim makes your hair stronger and also more voluminous. That is because it helps in combating hair breakage and hair fall.

Not trimming your split ends leads to regret. However, you can also prevent split ends from forming in the first place and harming your hair. This you can do by keeping the use of excess hairstyling to a minimum. Another thing you can do is keep your hair moisturized and maintained. Your hair needs you to keep it nourished just like any other part of your body.

Regular oiling can also help in this regard. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that works for your particular hair type. Too much heat from straighteners, curlers, and other styling products can also work against your hair. Getting your hair regularly trimmed is also very helpful.