Not all romances end with a full-stop. Some of them also continue on with the ellipsis of friendship. Same goes for Zedd and Selena Gomez who briefly dated back in 2015. While most of the other relationships of the 26-year-old have had controversial ends, her split from the German star was not one that shook her world with the wrong kind of attention.

The best part is that Zedd still cheers the former Disney actress on and has nothing but positive vibes to share with her. On Saturday, he mentioned Gomez in a tweet, praising her new song Taki Taki with DJ Snake, Ozuna, and Cardi B. Tagging the song makers, he wrote “taki taki is fire.” Well, we’re happy that the Coach and Puma ambassador has at least one ex sending compliments her way.

During their brief love affair, they were both blamed for dating for the sake of publicity. Diplo called their relationship a publicity stunt. However, their relationship existed beyond the photo-sharing app where they had posted snaps featuring one another. “I adore Anton [Zedd] a lot and I definitely had a thing with him, which was nice,” the Wolves songstress had said at the time.

Gomez had openly praised Zedd’s German looks and his eyes. He is a total heartthrob, we agree with Selena Gomez on that entirely! When they initially broke up, sources said that it was because Zedd thought that Gomez’s heart still prioritized Justin Bieber. He didn’t want to be her number 2, which is what made him back off.

However, later it came out that they broke up because the 29-year-old DJ felt that the pressure of dating Selena Gomez was too much. Their relationship didn’t end on a note of hate, though. We can’t help but wonder – does Zedd want to rebirth what they had now that Justin Bieber is married? Was this the first step? We truly hope so – these two look soo cute together!