Shawn Mendes is a heartthrob. Yet it seems like all the girls he tries to hit on end up friend-zoning him.

The Lost In Japan singer admitted in a recent interview that while he and Hailey Baldwin were between friendship and a relationship, things didn’t work out between them. He said that there was a “zone of limbo” that they were in before Baldwin decided to get together with Justin Bieber.

The pair attended Met Gala together and the entirety of Instagram saw that they were definitely hanging out a lot in the beginning of this year. Then why is it that Shawn and Hailey never became an item?

Is Shawn’s nervous nature to blame here? Was he so slow in making a move that Hailey decided to move on? Or is it simply that things didn’t work out because they were just not meant to be?

The Canadian singer’s name has been linked to Camila Cabello’s name as well. Camila and Shawn have been friends since forever. They have been pretty open about their love for one another too. Unfortunately, this love seems to be purely friendly.

Their friendship is basically goals. Even recently, when Shawn Mendes shared his Rolling Stone cover on Instagram, Camila congratulated him and said “love you.” She even dropped in her nickname for the 20-year-old as her comment addressed him with “Shawnito.”

Fans were hoping there was more to their relationship but nah. Camila Cabello is dating Mathew Hussey, she has been for a while now. So is Shawn Mendes doomed to forever being friend-zoned? And if so, why? Because we totally love that guy and wouldn’t miss a heartbeat if it meant getting to be with him, no?

Either way, here’s to hoping Shawn finds the true love that he is looking for and deserves!