People are bothered by Kourtney Kardashian’s behavior.

They think that the reality TV show star is petty and manipulative. It all started when fans saw the latest episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in which Kourt can be seen vacationing with Scott Disick and Sofia Richie.

In a scene, Kourtney informs Sofia that her makeup is not properly blended and then continues to insult her former partner for wanting to leave the hot tub that the three are in. People think Kourtney was being mean toward the couple because she’s jealous.

While after her breakup with Scott, he found someone to call his long-term girlfriend, Kourt has not been in any long and serious relationship. “It’s funny how Kourtney acts like she’s the best parent and better than her sisters yet she’s so petty, her kids are horrible behaved and she talks down to their father in front of them,” wrote one person in response to the YouTube clip shared by the Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ official page.

Another person typed, “Kourtney is acting all innocent, but you can see how she’s trying to belittle Sofia and making her feel beneath her and calling Scott negative when she’s literally the negative one there it steams of her.”

When the family had vacay-ed earlier this year and the season covering the happening wasn’t out, everyone was praising how well Kourtney and Scott co-parented. “Kourtney is wrong for putting Scott in that situation and talking down to him in front of the kids. She has no respect for him or his relationship,” said another commenter.

The pictures shared before might have made it seem that the entire trip went smoothly but now the episodes on KUWTK are proof that it was kind of odd. Scott Disick even worried at a point that his young model girlfriend felt “a little left out.”

While watchers couldn’t help but notice that Kourtney was behaving ridiculous, they lauded Sofia for being so mature. Instead of clapping back at Kourtney when she took out a flaw from her, Sofia didn’t react with anger or show that she was bugged in any way.

For this very reason, folks are now favoring Scott and Sofia’s relationship despite their huge age gap. In fact, people also expressed that Kourt needs to stop tagging along with the couple all the time. They think she should instead let her children go with their father and his girlfriend.

Some fans also said that perhaps the entire trip and the tension between Scott’s past and current girlfriends was scripted. This is not the first time fans have said this. Time and again people have said that the show is one that is not based in reality but completely follows a story pre-written by Kris Jenner.

As for what you can expect from the next season, people are already excited for having a look at what has actually caused Kylie and Travis Scott’s split.