Supermodel Gigi Hadid is being slammed online. The IMG ramp-walker left an emoji-filled comment under Ryan Reynolds birthday post for his wife, Blake Lively. However, the replies that she received were not about her or her friendship with the Deadpool actor’s wife.

One angry fan commented, “Where is ZAYN?” Another wrote, “Why would she know or care? She used him for publicity tried to tarnish his reputation with fake tabloids and moved on to the next guy who is popular RIGHT NOW. When his limelight fades, she’ll move on to the next.”

Um, was not that too harsh? Most definitely Gigi doesn’t date men for their fame. That much is clear because the older Hadid sister is a renowned, loved, and much talked about model herself. If anything, we’re sure Zigi was as true as it can get.

They didn’t last simply because they weren’t meant to be. Hadid and Malik dated for two years before calling it quits finally this January. Reports said that they had actually gone their separate ways in November last year. The reason? Zayn had issues that Gigi couldn’t help him with.

In fact, in March 2018 both Gigi and Zayn had sent out tweets confirming that they had split. However, in an earnest attempt to make things work out between them, they reconciled in April. Clearly, their rebonding couldn’t mend what was broken between them.

Zayn even bought an apartment in New York City worth $10 million to try and be closer to Hadid’s place. He didn’t “fully move in” his new home and soon came their final split. Since their breakup, the Dusk till Dawn singer hasn’t been seen with another lady love.

The case is different with Gigi Hadid though. The former reality TV show star has been spotted with budding model Tyler Cameron since last month. Cameras have caught the two getting too frisky, with many thinking that they’re definitely dating. Tyler was a contestant in Hannah Brown’s The Bachelorette and was even seen on a date with Brown just days before being seen with Gigi.

This move of his didn’t only confuse fans but Brown as well who addressed the situation too. Sources says Gigi Hadid is very happy with her new man so much so that she’s a lot chirpier these days than she typically is. She’s been noticed smiling more and has a skip in her step too. Are you in love already, G?

Though Hadid has moved on and that too with the full support of her loved ones, Zayn Malik is struggling. A source has said about his reaction to Gigi’s new alleged love affair, “He has been said about their breakup and was very sad after their breakup.”

After news of Hadid and Malik’s breakup came up, in March this year, the former One Directioner professed his love for his Victoria’s Secret model ex. In April he tweeted a long heartfelt rant on Twitter, but when people speculated that his words were directed at Gigi Hadid, he got furious.

“My tweet was not about Gigi Hadid so leave her the f*ck alone she is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known and does nothing but love and support me when lord knows I don’t deserve it,” said the 26-year-old. Do you think Gigi used him?

We’re sure you don’t. Had Gigi’s intention been to climb up the Hollywood modeling industry ladder, she’d have dating a bigger star than Tyler, who is certainly not as famous as she is. Other than this, it’s also no point dragging her ex into a comment she made for Blake Lively.

Lively is someone Hadid adores as it is clear from Hadid’s own birthday wish for the mother of two. For her birthday, Gigi recently posted a sweet picture of the two women on Instagram. The caption read, “It’s this Queen’s birthday week, and I just want to say how grateful and lucky I am to have a friend like you, B. You are a real one and inspire me in so many ways.”