In a new Buzzfeed Celeb video that shows Ashley Benson being her free and fun self, the 29-year-old sounds… not like herself. Nah, we don’t mean that she’s talking words that don’t align with the person we’ve come to know she is. We mean that her voice sounds different. The actress used to have a more high-pitched voice on Pretty Little Liars, so what changed?

Fans in the comments’ section of the YouTube vid can’t help but notice and put forward their opinions. “I don’t remember her voice sounding like this,” typed one fan. Another person questioned, “Why has her voice changed so drastically? Is she sick? or Just getting older? or smoker’s voice?”

In fact, some other people also projected their thought that the Spring Breakers star’s voice has changed because of smoking. “Her voice has changed so much. Smoking has literally ruined her vocal cords,” said a commenter. “Love Ashley, but wow..she sounds like hard-core smoker,” said a fan.

One of the commenters also defended Ashley writing, “It may not necessarily be smoking. I had seen one old video of Ashley not sure it was snapchat video or something where she mentioned she hate her baby voice in season 1 to 5. She wanted more sexier deeper voice. So she would scream every morning.”

Apart from smoking, some also thought that it was Cara’s influence that had changed her voice. One shipper typed, “She has the same accent as Cara now! They really sounded alike!” Some also expressed that in their view, Benzo now sounded like Scarlett Johansson. Overall, people did seem to be in love with her voice as they found it “soothing.”

Is Ashley Benson a smoker or someone who does drugs? Even if she is, she hasn’t ever publicly admitted such a thing. Some believe she does smoke because she has been spotted with a cigarette in her hand by the paparazzi and also on her own Instagram page.

As for the Cara reason being behind her sudden but welcome change of voice, the actress has been spending a lot of time with the English model. At first, there were only rumors that Cara and Ashley were dating. Then Cara posted a video of them kissing and of course, that was enough confirmation.

Reports also say that these two now live together. However, they haven’t gotten engaged yet despite the rumors that said so in July. Ashley Benson is relatively private about her life. Apart from PDA, the couple has also almost admitted that what they share is true love.

Earlier this year when some haters bashed the couple online, Cara clapped back indicating that what she and Ashley had was “true love.” What do you think about Ashley’s voice in the Buzzfeed video? Do you think it has gotten raspier?