Who doesn’t love the idea of getting whiter teeth in an instant? Everyone does. Your smile is what you flash when being interviewed, making new friends or when trying to win over someone. Yellow teeth though, they ruin the effect.

Fortunately, the latest whitening technologies don’t require people to run to their dentists and are a lot more convenient overall. If you have ever lurked around your Instagram search feed, you’d be aware of the latest teeth whitening trend – that of whitening pens.

These are pretty popular these days with various influencers flashing a bright smile after rubbing whitening pens to their teeth. The results are instant which is what has garnered these devices so much attention. But the question is, do these pens really work and are they safe? Or are these influencers just fake marketing and these teeth whitening gel pens actually cause damage? Let’s learn this in this piece.

What are teeth whitening pens?

Before jumping into whether or not teeth whitening pens work it’s crucial to understand what they are made of. Basically, they use the same bleaching materials that your dentist does for teeth whitening treatments or use-at-home systems for teeth whitening do.

The gel they deliver contains either carbon peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Some contain a higher concentration of up to 30% while others are of lower concentration with only about 10% of the ingredient.

These whitening pens are convenient to use as all one has to do is apply the gel on his teeth while avoiding it from reaching his gums or the area between teeth. They’re also portable and can be used anywhere which is another pro.

Do teeth whitening pens actually show results?

As per research by the American Dental Association teeth whitening gel pens actually do work. For some, results don’t take too long to show but those who have very yellow or stained teeth, they may need the treatment for longer. Typically, such pens need to be used for about 14 days maximum. Some people are very satisfied with the results while others are not as impressed.

Are there any side effects of using teeth whitening pens?

There are no serious adverse side effects of using these teeth whitening pens for anyone who uses them sensibly and not too much. However, people need to know beforehand whether this product may cause oral problems for them – if they have receding gums or sensitive teeth, they shouldn’t go for teeth whitening pens.

What’s more, people who are sensitive to hydrogen peroxide should also not use these pens. After this bleaching treatment, some may experience irritated gums or increased tooth sensitivity but that is normal as well as temporary. These effects go away on their own after use is stopped or the treatment is completed. There are no long-term negative side effects known.

At the end of the day one must be wise and choose quality products for himself. He can read customer reviews that aren’t just sponsored posts before going for a particular company’s teeth whitening pen. The best move is to consult one’s doctor before use.

Results can show up in just as short as three days. The treatment shouldn’t be done in excess either. Therefore, proper use is crucial for maintaining good oral health.

Key Takeaway

Teeth whitening gels are a famed way to get a brighter smile and more confidence. They normally show instant results, but use is continued for 3 to 15 days as part of the treatment process. How long it takes for final results to show depends on the person’s shade of teeth. There are no permanent side effects on those who use the device properly.