A lot of people are quite particular about their hair. They want to make sure that their hair always remains healthy as well as shiny. A balding head is a nightmare for everyone. Be it a girl or a boy. Girls are especially very touchy about their hair and make sure that they take all kinds of hair treatments to make their hair look good. They apply several hair oils no doubt how sticky they would be. they apply several homemade remedies in the hope of having longer and stronger hair.


Shampooing hair is an important step in taking care of the hair. At the same time, one needs to condition them so that they do not end up being dry or flaky. When you shampoo your hair, the scalp gets cleaned and all the dust and germs that had taken a place there get away from the head. However, this step leads to making hair dry.

This especially happens when the shampoo contains SLS in it. SLS is a chemical that makes the shampoo get foamy and you feel fresh while using it. These chemicals have long term effects and later on make your hair damaged from the tips.

Why is conditioning important:
Applying conditioner on your hair is extremely important. When you condition your hair, your hair ends up with a smooth sensation. The dryness caused by the shampoo reduces and you can feel visible smoothness as well as softness in your hair. However, you need to make sure that you do not use the conditioner on the scalp. Many people do that little do they know that applying conditioner on the scalp has grave issues. The scalp gets extra moisture and leads to hair getting flaky.

Always apply conditioner to the hair from the tips till the scalp and leave the scalp as it is. For the people who are even more particular about their hair, leave-in conditioners can be applied on hair after washing them off. These leave-in conditioners help you having soft hair and you can brush the hair easily, you do not have to rinse your hair after applying for the leave-in conditioner. Leave in conditioners provide the best kind of moisture to your hair.

The alternatives:

Conditioners can be expensive and everyone might not be able to afford them. if you have the same issue, you do not need to worry. There are several other ways through which you can condition your hair without having to buy the expensive conditioner bottles. There are many ways through which you can make homemade conditioners and then apply them to your hair.

Bananas are the perfect fruits to be applied to hair If you have dry hair. The conditioning properties of bananas work well when they are applied to the hair.

Banana hair conditioning:
1) To make a deep Conditioners mask, you just need to take one over the ripped banana and mash it in a bowl. Over ripped bananas work perfectly as a conditioner. Now, take two teaspoons of olive oil and mix them with banana. One teaspoon of honey will make the mask even more effective. Now, apply the mixture on your hair from tips to roots. Wear a hair cap and if you want to make it work effectively, you can sleep in it. Otherwise, take a dryer and apply the heat on your scalp. It will help the mixture getting absorbed in the scalp. Wash off your hair after half an hour and you will see instant results. Apply this method every week and your dry hair will soon convert into soft feathers.

2) In the second method, you can take one banana and mash it up. Now take one avocado and mix it with the mashed banana. Add some coconut milk into it and mix the whole mixture thoroughly. Apply onto hair for half an hour and wash off with cold water.