Diversity is the new black that has finally found the recognition that it deserves. Crossroads reflect this reality of the modern world with globalization mixing people of diverse origins together. This conception of our differing idea has finally got a spot in the limelight of beauty and skin care too as more and more brands point fingers at the under-considered presence of this reality. The latest to add to this short but substantial queue is Sephora’s holiday collection that both addresses, acknowledges, and values the diversity that dwells within the realm of beauty.

Following in the footsteps of CoverGirl, Wet ‘n’ Wild, and Glossier, Sephora’s latest campaign is painted in all shades of diverse. The campaign is not a portrayal of gold eyeshadows, popping lip color or any glitters, it is rather a pure reflection of the hardly celebrated concept of diversity in beauty. Everyone has his own way of wearing makeup and this can come under all sorts of personal ways and views. Diversity in makeup selections and individuality in personal choice has always been a matter that is swept under the rug but not anymore!

In the present Reach Out and Gift campaign by Sephora, this factor is aptly captured by the cosmetics giant. It has banded together 10 of its working employees from various corners of the stores so that they portray a scoop of diversity, depicted by their own personal styles and makeup goals. In fact, to get onto the campaign ad bandwagon, the employees were asked to make videos that demonstrated what beauty meant to them; a precise way of arresting singularity and individuality that speak volumes of diversity.

The employees come from the American and Canadian Sephora colony with the retailer cast of 10 employees who are selected as ad’s stars. A 1000 plus consultants applied to be a part of this campaign but it all melted down to the final 10 store employees from diverse backgrounds. These range from an alopecia-affected woman from the Oregon Sephora store to a Muslim immigrant working in the Sephora store at San Francisco. There is one aesthetician too with dreadlocks coming from Beverly Hills!

The final batch of ten was carefully selected by asking the employees what unique beauty meant to them. This helps the campaign to embrace individuality.

The personal aspect of beauty is the main aim to be zoomed on. The objective was brought into the frame by the legendary fashion photographer due Vinoodh and Inez. They have brought out the ad as a window to customer diversity at the store.

Sephora’s senior vice president of marketing and branding, Deborah Yeh added about the Reach Out and Gift Campaign as, “The 11,000 North American employees that we invited to apply for inclusion in this campaign come from all different backgrounds and cultures, and their differences are what makes us who we are as a company. We were very deliberate in choosing talent who represent individuality in beauty, both inside and out.”

She also further clarified that the selected employees are meant to capture the vast and diverse clientele of Sephora that walks through the stores every day. This is a refreshing take on beauty that has shifted gears to become more inclusive. As such this opens up gates of warm welcome and comfort for the number of different people who shop beauty products.

Gone are the times when beauty was spelled homogenous and diversity took a seat on the back burner. With brands such as Sephora, Glossier, and Covergirl taking such initiatives, beauty is bound to embrace diversity and make us all feel loved.